Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Voter Fraud Alert in MY HOME COUNTY!


Last night I spent over two hours in a training class to work at the polls in my precinct in Arlington, Virginia, on November 6, 2012. The trainers went over the types of ID that voters can use to verify their identities when they show up at the polls. Utility bills were discussed since they do not have pictures and are not the most reliable form of identification. I was not comfortable with what we were told, but we were told that the Virginia legislature approved it and so we have to abide.

Now today, this video and story from Project Veritas have now hit the web. I am furious for two reasons: one, because this is happening in MY home county -- Arlington, Virginia, and two, this Field Director, Patrick Moran, is the son of the Democrat who holds the Congressional seat and is in the lead to win the seat for a 12th time! It is a travesty that this man and his father are absolutely beyond the pale. Patrick Moran needs to be arrested. Here is the video released today by O'Keefe's operatives.

The address where this conversation started is: Cosi Restaurant, 2050 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201. This is just blocks away from where my younger stepdaughter goes to school. It makes me sick.

This fraud is occurring right in the vicinity of my parish school.
I just called the Arlington Board of Elections (Electoral Board) to ask if they are aware of this video and story. The man who answered indicated he was not. So he suggested I send an email to to inform them of the situation. I told them that I attended training just last night, and asked what will be done to train judges on how to spot fake documents like utility ills and bank statements. I am waiting for a reply. I also forwarded that message to the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney's office to make sure they know that potential voter fraud is out there.

More to come...


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