Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bishop Paprocki Sings Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love" in Homily

This evening I captured on video a small part of a brilliant homily by Bishop Thomas Paprocki. He surprised all of us in attendance with his a capella rendition of the 1970s Bee Gees hit song "How Deep Is your Love" as part of his homily.

Paprocki is Bishop of  the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois. His homily was reflecting on our Baptismal call to serve God, asking -- just how deep IS your love for God? He also pointed out that the root of the word disco is "to learn," and that we are all called to learn about our faith and how much God loves us. I was very impressed that he was brave enough to sing the Bee Gees song for the congregation and that he was able to sing it so well. My hat is off to him.

So, take a moment and ask yourself, "How deep is MY love for God?"



  1. How deep? Probably not deep enough to sing BeeGees music in public.

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  2. Thanks, RAnn. I will join fellow Catholics. Peace to you and yours!