Friday, November 30, 2012

Testing the Amazing Candle Trick -- It Works!

I couldn't resist trying out this little trick that I found on Brusspup's You Tube channel. The link to the original is at the end of the video clip. This version is posted on my You Tube channel.

Did you catch it???? Awesome, right? Fire is amazing. Unless it is the fires of Hell! Then I want to avoid it at all costs!

Amazing Optical Illusion #1

This is a brilliant video by "brusspup." It shows young people using their God-given gifts to figure out the logistics and proportions to these images that they create. Enjoy!

There are dozens of optical illusion videos like this. I will post some on occasion here. Amazing stuff!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost a Millionnaire, Sort of

GREAT NEWS! A winning $1,000,000 Powerball ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven near my house for Wednesday's lottery (yesterday). I get coffee there all the time. My husband bought tickets for the record lottery jackpot yesterday....

Our 7-Eleven.

BAD NEWS! My husband did not buy his tickets at the 7-Eleven near our house.

Drat! Still poor... And still not part of the 1%. But happy to have the blessings that God has given us the grace and means to procure!


A Coffee Tribute to Truth Tellers

I am not a connoisseur of many things. I drink a lot of coffee, though, so I know what I do and do not like. I do NOT like Starbucks coffee. So I could never endorse their business. However, when it comes to telling the difference between Maxwell House and Folgers and other off-the-shelf brands, I am not picky.

I know people who swear by certain brands (cough - Starbucks), but I have long suspected that they are not the aficionados that they think they are. Jimmy Kimmel must have thought the same thing.

When Starbucks announced recently that it will be selling a $7 cup of coffee, Kimmel had his staff take to the streets to test people's preferences in coffee. The joke was that the two cups of coffee that the volunteers were served during the taste test contained the exact same coffee from the same pot. Watch how they reacted and how they explained which sample they preferred.

When I was a kid we used to say "Liar, Liar, pants on fire!" I think it fits here. Especially since Starbucks tastes like burnt dishwater!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Obama in Number One Liquid Enrages Liberals

Andres Serrano and Piss Christ
I have written in another blog about an artist who intentionally offends innumerable Christians around the world. I am talking about the man who photographed and displays what he has dubbed the "Piss Christ." It is a photo of a crucifix immersed in urine, and the artist has displayed it around the world. Serrano's displays have been attacked in at least two locations by people distraught over the man's bullying intentions.

Painting Depicts President Obama As Crucified Jesus Christ
Michael D'Antuono and The Truth
It obviously is the shock value that an artist of this type is going for. And liberals defend the man when Christians decry both the blasphemous photo and the act of immersing in urine a sacramental that Catholics hold sacred. Would this be allowed if it was a photo of Muhammad immersed in urine? Unquestionably NO. Such a display would NEVER be allowed. And what if it was Barack Obama in the display? After all, he has been called "our Lord and Savior" by Jamie Foxx, and he has been "artistically" depicted as crucified in a painting called "The Truth" by its New York painter.

So why is it, then that liberals are not as tolerant of the creative aspirations of artists when the purpose of their work is show Barack Obama in similar fashion? I am speaking particularly of the recent rage that was unleashed when Glenn Beck created a work of art with the intention to auction it for charity. Beck's creation, which he dubbed "Obama in Pee Pee," is both art and satire, a combination that works well when produced by liberal actors, comedians, artists, and mediaites, but is not allowed for conservatives.

Liberals have gone ballistic on social media sites since Beck unveiled his masterful creation. (Hey, Libs, it's not real urine, you know. It's beer. So calm down.) Beck put the item on eBay last night, and bids skyrocket overnight to $11,300. Then, the e-censors stepped in, and eBay removed the item from the auction block -- from the website all together. Citing the company's prohibition against the sale of bodily fluid, or in this case since it is  not real urine, anything that you call a bodily fluid, eBay nixed the sale. Indeed, they warned Beck he better not re-list it either, and they told him he had to take a tutorial before he could ever sell anything else on eBay. So there, Glenn Beck. Take that.

Naturally, the eBay scrapping has made the value of the Obama in Pee Pee to go through the roof. Next week it will be on display in the Louvre, then at St. Peter's Basilica. I think Michael Moore should buy it. Or better yet, maybe I will buy it and give it as a gift to @PuddleRowdine who wrote on Twitter in response to Michael Moore's tweet: "@ MMFlint  Glen Beck is a traitor, and doing this to ANY presidents image is treason, he should be dealt with as such, citizenship revoked." (Something tells me that by "ANY presidents" what Puddle means is "ANY presidents-as-long-as-it's-Obama.")

You gotta love the intolerance of the insane Obamabot liberals ... or not. Piss Pee pee on 'em.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Miley versus Angus

I just watched a video that brought back memories of when I was a second-semester Junior in High School. The feelings are so vivid at this very moment that I am transported to 35 years ago as if I was in a DeLorean with a flux capacitor reaching 88 mph.

In the early Spring of 1978 I made TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) #12 in Western Kentucky. This intensive, faith-fostering retreat for young adults still exists, and a team currently is preparing for TEC #167 in February of 2013.

The video that took me back to that TEC weekend nearly 35 years ago is that of a 19-year-old  teen who recently had a "come to Jesus" experience that clarified life for the youngster --- as much as it can be clarified for a 19-year-old. Moreover, a 19-year-old in Hollywood. Have you seen the stories surrounding the controversial actor over the last few days?

Let me back up a bit. Several years ago the young actress that every (parent of a) young girl was crazy about was Hannah Montana, and/or her real-life persona, Miley Cyrus. She was the epitome of wholesomeness and innocence, and mothers across the land wanted their daughter to be just like her. My husband and I even took our two girls to see a movie of a concert of Hannah Montana on a theater screen with hundreds of squealing (shrieking) girls in the audience.

Miley THEN...

Now, some six years later, the innocent little Christian daughter of country boy Billy Ray Cyrus (of Achy Breaky fame) has become 20-something monster.

... and Miley NOW.

Teens will be teens, is what parents and others say to excuse the naive actions of these children born with silver spoons in their mouths. Miley went from every mothers' role model for her daughter to some fathers' wet dream -- for their sons. I would not let my stepdaughters go outside to greet Ms. Cyrus if she was in our driveway begging on all fours. She has trounced the trust that parents once placed in her. I see no value in her as an artist now.

Now compare the young man who is the subject of the recent controversial videos, the first of which who took me on my trip down memory lane tonight. (My own family members should be able to guess which of my nephews he reminds me of in the first video.) The actor's name is Angus T. Jones, and he is known to people like me as that kid on the show that fired crazy Charlie Sheen last year -- thank goodness.


Jones started off as a cute kid, then began to appear on the wildly popular show Two and a Half Men. I have never seen the show, and I never will. But the media surrounding the show and the stars left me with a bad impression of Angus T. Jones. He has been the "half-man" on the show for about 10 years now, but is now a grown young man whose character has joined the military. Recent photos out of Hollywood show a much more mature young man.


Ironically, Angus and Miley starred together in a recent episode of Two and a Half Men.


The reason I have never watched this show is spelled out by Angus T. Jones in these recently released videos. In them Jones tells about his own TEC experience last year -- his personal Teen's Encounter with Christ. This is part 1 of the interview, and it tells of his metanoia last year at Christmas time and his continued spiritual evolution into 2012. [Note: This first video is about 15 minutes long. I highly encourage you to watch this part before part 2. However, if you are pressed for time, you can skip this part where he tells of the beginning of his change of heart.]

If you only have limited time, please make sure you watch this part of the interview.

This video has become very controversial because this young man, a famous Hollywood celebrity on a popular adult sitcom, is not supposed to have morals and scruples and FAITH. Moreover, he identifies the show that pays for his food, clothing and shelter as "filth," and he tells young people not to watch it. Angus' conversion experience makes people of all political persuasions squirm in their own skin. That includes me. I am reminded of the parable of the mustard seed. Oh that my faith was the size of a mustard seed! I could move mountains -- and myself!

Naturally, because Angus T. Jones speaks of his conversion experience and his turn toward God, many of the comment-makers are uncomfortable and turn to bullying. Here are a couple of samples of some of the comments that have been posted.

word hes a FAG
Mariah Usseglio 

Why is that black guy advocating the Bible so much? I've never heard Two and a Half Men advocate slavery. Can't say the same for the Bible.

Bullying is what you do when you have no logical argument to refute something. Haters like this can only ridicule or demean the other person because their own position is too weak to stand on its own.

I am very grateful for the strength of conviction in young Angus T. Jones. I pray that he is able to live by the standards that he has set for himself and that he stays strong in the face of the inevitable evil that will try endlessly to sway him in his resolve.

And I add a special prayer for Mariah and Shanon and Ryan. May they have their own encounters with Christ, whatever their respective ages.


Monday, November 26, 2012

So THAT Explains Everything...

Did you ever have one of those moments when you see or hear or read something that just seems to suck all the air out of the room and leave you feeling like you cannot take a breath? Or maybe the reaction comes in the form of feeling like you have been punched in the gut? I experienced both feelings tonight.

It started when I was trying to find a Facebook profile that was mentioned in an email that I had received. I hate Facebook, so I do not have a profile under my own name. I did create a fake profile a few years ago just because so many transactions require it these days. My husband and one of my 5 sisters are my only "friends." So when I logged on tonight, I was taken to my sister's profile page. There, on her homepage, my eye was caught by a picture in her "Friends" list of 500-some-odd people, and it took me aback. It was an old boyfriend of mine from way back in the late 1980s.

Now, this was a guy I met at summer camp where we were both counselors, dated for about 2 years, and then saw on occasion for about 3 more, until I went off to law school. I have not heard from him in years. Indeed, the last time I heard from him I ended up blocking him from my email. I will not go into details, but I will say that I called him on a lot of lies that he was telling in his widely-disseminated emails. I knew they were lies, and I did not want to read any more of his BS, which lies I knew he was telling in order to garner sympathy, so I washed my hands of him. That was the end of the story until tonight.

After seeing his photo in my sister's friends list, I went to his Facebook page to see what he was up to. As I was browsing through his picture gallery, I began to notice something odd. He had become a priest in the late 1990s, long after we were not an item. But the last I heard was that he was leaving the priesthood. He told people at the time that it was because he was an alcoholic and the bishop was dismissing him. I knew that to be a lie because that is not how canon law works. But he would not admit there was more to the story. Little did I know that there was a lot more to the untold story.

As I scrolled through his Facebook pictures, one particular face kept popping up. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. He is gay. A few more clicks confirmed it when he gushed over his "husband," his "esposo," his true-love, and then made rather crude comments about how handsome his man is. I would have felt the same way about the crude comments if it was someone of the opposite sex.

Stunned, I texted my sister to ask her why she had not told me this "development." She said she thought she had told me a couple of years ago. She had been relatively young when he was youth director at our home parish, which job he took right out of college, purportedly to be near me since we were dating at the time. When our relationship ended, he stayed on for several more years as youth director in my home parish. Then he left and went to the seminary. After ordination in 1997, he served as a priest for about 11 years before meeting the man of his dreams, falling in love at first sight, getting engaged 2 months later, and (last year) "marrying" his partner in Oregon.

My decision to post on this happening and what I experienced is because I have known other men who have come out of the closet. This is the first time it was someone I once dated. I debated how much to say about this man, for fear that I might reveal this man's identity. However, a simple Google search led me to see that he is not at all shy about his sexuality or his life story -- which is true to form from the man I first met 24 years ago. So, here is Jim's story in his own words.

Jim and Darold's story has also been told publicly on a number of other occasions:

"The Rite Stuff: Here’s a Catholic priest-to-gay groom story that same-sex marriage advocates ought to tell."

"Same sex couples who find marriage sacred aren't satisfied with civil unions."

All in all, learning Jim's story explained a lot of things about him--and me--that had never made sense. I am over my shock now. Jim deserves to be happy. From these stories and his Facebook page, it looks like he is -- at least he  was in 2011. And it looks like he has finally learned that keeping secrets can be one of the most burdensome things in life and telling the truth can be cathartic. I just wish he had not lied to himself -- and to me.


Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival 11/25/12

This week I posted on these topics.

Florida Teen Plans Against Parenthood, Murders Newborn
Possible Mitt Sighting
More Mitt Sightings

You can read more Catholic blogs at:

Conservatives Have Been Out-Foxxed

Jamie Foxx recently proclaimed Barack Obama to be "our Lord and Savior"  at the BET awards. And the audience cheered.

[UPDATE: If the Vimeo video is not available, try this.]

That's why Obama won re-election: Hollywood has proclaimed him to be the Messiah. And the sheeple follow and believe.

The insane now officially outnumber the sane in this country.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Mitt Sightings

Apparently that was Mitt at the gas pump in the photo I posted yesterday. He and Ann are reportedly moving to California. Below are pics of Mitt and family at Disneyland in Anaheim this week. I guess he gassed up the ride after dropping Ann off at home. (He is wearing the same shirt.) He must be relieved to be able to relax and not have to worry about saving the U.S. from US. These pics from Disneyland are all over the Internet from various spotters.

Now we know why his hair was messy at the gas station!

I guess Ann doesn't do roller coasters.

Now, if Mitt was president, in the Obama tradition, this $1000 family trip would have been enhanced with 750 additional staff and the closing down of the park to outsiders for the day. We would be looking at a $2,500,000 taxpayer bill.

It's good to be rich.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Possible Mitt Sighting

What do you think? Is it Mitt?

Kinda eerie if it is not him. And even eerier if it is.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Florida Teen Plans Against Parenthood, Murders Newborn

I first saw this story of a young teenager in Florida last month. It must have been in the days leading up to the election, because I would have written about it otherwise.
Cassidy Goodison
Not long ago, a fourteen-year-old girl named Cassidy Goodison was arrested and charged with murder in the death of her newborn child. Cassidy had become pregnant and, fearing that her parents would be mad, kept it a secret. She wore baggy clothes and blamed her weight gain on her becoming a young woman. Her parents bought it.

Sadly, when the day came for the baby to enter the world, Cassidy was not prepared to be a mother.  In the quiet of her home bathroom, she sat on the toilet and began to give birth. By her own admission, she used a pair of scissors to pry the baby from the birth canal, leaving several cuts in her vagina. When the baby was fully outside of her body, Cassidy cut off his air supply and strangled him to death. Then she placed his body in a shoebox and hid it in her bedroom.

Later, when her mother discovered the remnants of blood in the toilet, Cassidy admitted that she had been pregnant, but stated that she had miscarried and flushed the "fetus" down the toilet. Cassidy explained everything on video.

Now Cassidy is in jail, having been charged as an adult with murder.

What is astonishing to me is not what happened to this baby or what the teen mother did. It is the fact that no one is acknowledging the real crime in all of this. It is the abortion-supporting American public who should be charged with murder in this case.

It is organizations like Planned Parenthood and Code Pink (of "It's My Vagina" fame) and NARAL and NOW that should be indicted, along with Barack Obama and every politician and celebrity who have ever made public statements like "Keep your laws off my body." I hope Sandra Fluke and Cecily Rhodes and Ashley Judd and Nancy Pelosi and all the other women who clamor for women to kill their babies are proud of the influence they had on young Cassidy Goodison. She was only following their lead, since she was pregnant and did not want the child. They have been telling women for decades now to "Just kill it."

Here is what I envision a Planned Parenthood executives saying in a press release on this story:
Partial birth abortion procedure.
For graphic true photos, Google it.
"The problem here is that Miss Goodison did not come to us. We could have helped her. She waited too long. Just a few minutes earlier and we could have shown her how to deliver the baby feet first, then take those scissors, insert them gingerly into the vagina (since it's hers), and jab the pointed ends up into the base of the back of the baby's brain. This is a procedure we loving call partial-birth-abortion. Miss Goodison made the mistake of giving FULL birth before snuffing out her fetus's life. Those few minutes would have made the difference between 'choice' and 'crime.' Let this be a lesson to girls everywhere. Come see us at Planned Parenthood as soon as you know you are pregnant. We will, at no cost to you, wipe out all your fears and take care of that pesky fetus. Again -- no cost to you -- the government will take care of all costs, at the taxpayers' expense. So come early, and come often. We'll be waiting."
Sadly Miss Goodison will never see her Good Son grow up. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, Kathleen Sebellius, "pro-choicers," and a society which promotes and pays for the killing of unwanted innocent Children of God.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pelosi Displays Abysmal Ignorance of Constitution

Yesterday Congressman Nancy Pelosi made it clear she is NOT an Informed Catholic Voter. When she held her weekly press conference, this was part of the Q & A exchange with a reporter:
Q: Two deals or one?   
Leader Pelosi. I am sorry?

Q: Two agreements, two bargains or one bargain?
Photo from Drudge Report
Leader Pelosi. I am sorry?

Q: Fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, are there two separate…

Leader Pelosi. Oh, I see what you mean, I am sorry. Well, I would hope not. I would hope that by now – well, I am with the 11th Amendment, so, is it the 11th Amendment that – 14th? Whatever it is, I am with the Constitution of the United States.
You can see a video of her ridiculous "mutterances" on Breitbart at this link. (The video has an autoplay feature built in, so I did not want to embed it here. It's such a nuisance when a commercial starts playing without you prompting it!)

By the way, the only part of either of those two Constitutional Amendments that makes the remotest sense in the context of the Q & A at that point is Amendment XIV, section 4, which states:

Section 4

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave. But all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.
How that in any way answers the reporter's question is beyond anything I can conceive. And I even went back and read her whole rambling response to the previous question about the deficit, debt, debt ceiling and fiscal cliff. Naturally, the reporter did not have a chance to follow up, as Pelosi went on to spend several minutes gushing over the San Francisco Giants (her Congressional district) winning the World Series last month. What a waste of taxpayer money!

Needless to say, Pelosi's Constitutional ineptitude rivals that of ex-Constitutional professor Barack Obama.


The Onion, Sixth Graders, Abortion, and Planned Parenthood

A few years ago my husband and I frequented a diner in town that had a row of newspaper boxes outside. You've seen them -- there are 8 or 10 of them with various free papers and a few that actually require you to pay for them. When we walked by, we always grabbed a copy of The Onion, which is a satirical publication that ripped stories from the headlines and gave them a humorous (sometimes maniacal) twist. Naturally, the writers have a very liberal sense of humor, but on occasion it is funny.

I remember one front-page story four years ago that reported about a man who kept going around asking everyone for change. It was a spoof of Obama -- one of the few I ever saw. Here is an excerpt from the March 19, 2008 edition:
CHICAGO—According to witnesses, a loud black man approached a crowd of some 4,000 strangers in downtown Chicago Tuesday and made repeated demands for change.

"The time for change is now," said the black guy, yelling at everyone within earshot for 20 straight minutes, practically begging America for change. "The need for change is stronger and more urgent than ever before. And only you—the people standing here today, and indeed all the people of this great nation—only you can deliver this change."
It is estimated that, to date, the black man has asked every single person in the United States for change. 
"I've already seen this guy four times today," Chicago-area ad salesman Blake Gordon said. "Every time, it's the same exact spiel. 'I need change.' 'I want change.' Why's he so eager for all this change? What's he going to do with it, anyway?"
Then, a couple of years ago, the print version of The Onion went the way of most hard-copy publications these days -- into oblivion. Now all they have left is a website where they publish their satire. I do not check the website anymore, but this story came to my attention yesterday. Although it is meant to be a satirical look at the issue of abortion and the pro-life opposition to it, it is eerily accurate. That is, although the classroom scenario in the story will never happen, if it did, this is exactly how sixth graders would react.

I am printing screen captures of the web page with the story on it so you can see how it is presented. By clicking on each picture, it should enlarge enough for you to be able to read the story. If not, the link is embedded here.

As for the REAL news and how abortion is being supported by our tax dollars, these two REAL stories about the fraud that Planned Parenthood has perpetrated on numerous states is enough to make your blood boil.

Abby Johnson's lawsuit exposes Planned Parenthood's false profits

Planned Parenthood spent $15 million on 2012 election

 Informed Catholic Voter
Product Details

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Occupy Oprah: Redistribute Oprah's Wealth Now!

We keep hearing from Obama about the need to raise taxes and get more revenue for the federal government so they can continue to fund programs for the 47% of recipients of public benefits like SNAP (not the finger snap, but the free edible stuff formerly known as food stamps) .

I can show Barack Obama where he can get two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) tout de suite -- immediately -- tomorrow -- at the drop of a hat. He can take it from his great rich supporter -- billionairess Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah's farm: Her $2.7billion empire also includes acres of land in Maui, with a large farm and a bed and breakfast - an Oprah representative revealed her land and the new trademark go hand in hand
Oprah's Maui farm
The stories about Oprah's extravagant wealth are sickening! Who does she think she is? She ended her television show after 25 years of opulent living in Chicago, and now she is living a life of luxury in Hawaii and hoarding billions of dollars to herself. I call for an Occupy Oprah movement!@

Oprah used to give away freebies to the poor destitute women in her studio audience. But she stopped doing that when she quit her show and gave up on American women. Why isn't she re-distributing her wealth to the poor natives on the islands who live in poverty? She didn't build that empire. Someone else did!

I find Oprah's extravagant life-style abhorrent and her selfish display of wealth nauseating. She refuses to marry poor Steadman because she fears he just wants her money and would be entitled to half her empire when they divorce. 

Oprah's actual TP
Oprah's new TP
 Moreover,why won't she share her billions with the 99.99% of Americans who have less than her? Now reports are that she is creating new ways to deceive the adoring public and rip them off of their hard-earned public benefit dollars. How? She is putting out organic food and toilet paper, charging astronomical prices for Oprah hand towels and Oprah-faced toilet paper for fans to wipe their ... backsides.

At least she is too old to have to worry about getting pregnant and having to be burdened with a Baby Oprah. Of course, she could now use government-funded birth control if she was of child-bearing years. Or if, god-forbid she got pregnant, she could pay for well over 5,000,000 abortions. So she, like Obama's daughter's, will never have to worry about being punished with a child.

What? You think I am jealous of Oprah's business savvy and her obscene accumulation of wealth? Not true. And if you think so, you are a Racist!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama Knew About Petraeus Affair in September

It's funny how things come together and how events of the past are so revealing of the actions of the present.

Last month I wrote about attorney Gloria Allred and her (at the time) mysterious insertion of herself into the presidential election. She lurked in the background, threatening to come forward with an October-surprise client who would turn the presidential race on its head. I wrote repeatedly on my other blog about her antics-- how she committed professional malpractice by failing to file the proper motion for her client and ended up with egg on her face, but that's neither here nor there for now.

What is more important from my earlier blog post is the pattern that I outlined with regard to how Barack Obama has managed to bully his way to winning elections to various political offices. Recall how he sleazily ousted his opponents from the Illinois State Senate race back in the 1990s to claim his first political victory. Then, in 2004, he employed equally despicable tactics to win the Illinois federal Senate seat. In short, his minions dug up dirt on Obama's opponents and threatened to reveal it if they did not exit the respective races. So he never won on his merits -- he won by flinging dirt and threatening to embarrass people who were connected to the other candidates.

The reason I bring this up again is because the Petraeus puzzle pieces are now coming together, and the picture that they reveal is not a pretty picture of OBAMA. I strongly suspect that one of the women involved in the Petraeus/Allen scandal (Broadwell or Kelley) was seeking Gloria Allred's assistance back in October. Thinking that one or both of these Generals would be linked to the conservative or Republican camps and thus would hurt Romney, Allred was going to bring her "victim-client" forward and have her cry in front of the cameras. Then she would try to tie the whole sordid affair to Romney.

Instead, after meeting Obama at one of his fundraisers and telling him of what she planned to do, Obama dissuaded Allred from doing that. That's because he already knew about the affair and had other plans in the pipeline. Instead, he helped Allred come up with another client -- the ex-wife of Staples founder Tom Stemberg -- so she could save face and manufacture a ridiculous claim that Romney lied twenty years earlier in court testimony. That whole Maureen Sullivan story was the most epic of fails, and made Allred look like an idiot. I could not figure out why Allred had hyped this ridiculous story. Now it is clear to me what happened. Obama deflected her from ruining the plan he was devising.

Yes, Obama and his puppet(eer)s came up with a better way to exploit General Petraeus. Last night, Charles Krauthamer started painting the picture, and this morning it became clear for me. Here is part of what Krauthamer explained on Fox News last night.

The story is almost so incredible that Obama knew no one would believe it if the truth came out. He has relied on the faithful media for five years now to cover up for them, and that is what continues to happen.

Here is the basic story. Obama knew he was losing support and that Romney had overtaken him in the polls. Since he could find no dirt on squeaky-clean Mitt Romney--like a divorce or an affair or a drunk-driving charge like he did in his Illinois state and federal races--he decided to go one better. He would kill two-birds with one stone. Obama knew about the Petraeus-Broadwell affair months ago. So, he blackmailed Petraeus after the 9-11 Benghazi attacks and told him to tow the White House line and support their false narrative (that a video prompted the attack on the Libyan embassy and the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans). In order to save his job at the CIA, his reputation, his marriage (aka his pension), and himself from possibly a court-martial for adultery, Petraeus agreed to lie for Obama. That got Obama through the lukewarm media interrogation about the 9-11 attack when it became clear that the video was NOT the reason for the embassy deaths but rather it was a planned terrorist attack, pure and simple. Obama could point to General Petraeus and ask, "Why would a four-star General lie?"

Now we know why Petraeus lied. (At least he has agreed to testify on Friday. Stay tuned.)

Now that the election went Obama's way, he has no more need for Petraeus. Indeed, Democrats have not liked him since the New York Times ran the "General Betray-us" ad years ago during the  Bush Administration. But they HAD to keep him on-board during Obama's first term in order for Obama to have any hope to win a second term -- he was their foreign policy patsy ace in the hole. With the election over, Obama could throw him overboard. And that is what happened this week. The White House lifted the veil and let the FBI and CIA and media all know about the Petraeus affair. Down falls not just one conservative General, but two. And the country's attention, including Congress, is diverted away from the shady election and allegations of fraud and petitions by state's to secede from the Union. The attention is all on a man and a woman and the disaster that they have made of so many loved ones' lives, all thanks to Obama, his thirst for power, glory and riches, and his love of Saul Alinsky tactics.

And the biggest loser is our country.

P.S. Don't be surprised when  Gloria Allred pops up (again) in the midst of all this sleaze and sensationalism.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Employers Get the Shaft under Obamacare

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Since employers with the designated number of employees are now required under Obamacare to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs for female employees, should those employers not be able to deny female employees leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for pregnancy?

I mean, the employers are paying for them to NOT get pregnant, so why shouldn't they have a choice in whether to pay for maternity leave? Why does the woman get all the choices – the ONLY choices? She gets to choose whether or not to avail herself of the devices and drug and procedures, whether or not to use them, whether or not to have the child, whether or not to keep the child, and how many weeks to take off after giving birth to the child.

The employer has NO choices whatsoever. The employer cannot hire only men because that would be discriminatory. The employer MUST pay for the insurance coverage. The coverage MUST have all those "goodies" for women in it that HHS has mandated. The employer MUST leave it up to the woman whether or not to "choose to use" the goodies. The employer MUST give the woman up to 12 weeks of time off if she gives birth. The employer CANNOT replace the woman in her job during those 12 weeks. The employer MUST walk on eggshells while waiting to hear from the woman whether or not she is going to come back after FMLA is up.

I am a woman. What happened to "freedom of choice"?? Obamacare is just plain UNFAIR.... But naturally, Obama doesn't care.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Great Unholy Divide

This country is divided. Sadly, the Catholic Church is equally divided.

The pre-eminent Catholic college in the United States is on the forefront of the Church divide. At times, Notre Dame is on the liberal side, and at times it is pushing a more conservative image.

Recently, Fr. Richard O'Brien let his true colors be flown for the world to see.

We are in a sad place on multiple fronts in this country and in the Church. Sadly, a people divided cannot stand.


At a Loss for Words -- For a While

This has been a tough week. But as a new week begins, and I come to grips in my mind with what the next four years hold, I am proud to post here an original piece of poetry that my 13-year-old stepdaughter wrote for her English class. I think she did an excellent job. The class had to describe a person, and the rest of the class will guess who it is. Can you figure it out?

Illinois woman gives birth to a country boy
Father nicknames him Dutch

Grandson of Irish Catholics

He is baptized as a Disciple of Christ

He broadcasts football

Soon signs with Warner Brothers

Fifth most popular star of the younger generation

Ladies love him
Becomes Governor of California
Balances the budget

Everybody loves him

The economy collapses

The nation looks for help

They elect him as commander in chief

Second term
"Morning in America"


All but Minnesota

Death comes upon a great leader
Every one misses the country boy

The man who changed the world

Would that we had him back again . . . 


Monday, November 5, 2012

The Final Romney Rally in Virginia Invigorates and Inspires

What a long day! Hubby and I and two friends left at 10:30 this morning to go out to the Patriot Center at George Mason University for the last Romney rally in Virginia. We got there around 11:00 and had to walk a long way from the parking garage to the center. Then we got into a long line and waited until they began letting people in at 12:45.

We finally made it inside around 1:15 and made our way into the upper stands. The crowd continued to flow in steadily all the way up to the start of the program.

 And it was such a thrill to have Governor and Mrs. Romney come onto the stage together. They are such a loving example of God's love and His many blessings. I have seen Governor Romney on four previous occasions, at CPAC in 2009,'10, '11', and '12. But this time there was a magic to it. I was so glad that Hubby came along for the show.

So now I am off to bed, so I can get a good night's sleep before walking next door to work the polls all day. I will be incommunicado all day, so I will not write again until I get back home tomorrow evening. I pray to God that the news that begins to roll in at that time from the eastern states is what I want to hear.

Good and gracious God, please let the people of Virginia and Ohio and Florida and all the states in this country realize the immensity that is riding on this election, and let them vote to end the madness and divisiveness. God, please be merciful to our country and let us overcome the secularism and the hatred that has burdened us for the last four years. Let Mitt Romney emerge as the clear and indisputable winner tomorrow night when all is said and done. Amen.

And that is my prayer for America.

Let the voting begin.