Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Tragic Phenomenon of Children Dying After Being Left in Cars

With the arrival of summer, we will again hear horror stories about children being left in cars in sweltering heat. Many die. Last week alone there were at least two reported cases of this type, and each time we are shocked by the stories.

It is not a new phenomenon by any means. But the furor in the wake of reports of such tragedies seems to be growing.

Someone put together this powerful short film to illustrate one scenario of how this could happen and how people who pass by SHOULD react.

The man in this next video is just an ordinary father trying to understand this phenomenon.He decided to see what a child feels when accidentally closed up in a car when the temperature is 80-90 degrees outside. He posted this video on Facebook, and it is spreading. You can disagree with some of what he says, but he does make some insightful remarks that probably are widely shared by others.

This eleven year old boy in Nashville, TN became aware of the infant-car-death phenomenon, and he also decided to take action.What an amazing young boy he is. He invented the EZ Baby Saver.

Here is an interview with a father who left his child in the car twelve years ago. The child died.
Todd Costello of Medina, Ohio, lost his son, Tyler, in 2002 after forgetting the 9-month-old in the back of his car in his office parking lot. He's had to find a way to live with the guilt.

My heart goes out to all those whose lives have been affected by someone's careless, deadly mistake.