Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama's Freebies Keep Voters Loyal

Sometimes I sit in church on Sunday and hear a reading that leaves me wondering. Today was one of those days. It was the second reading from the Second Letter of James.

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Second Reading
2 Jas 5:1-6

Come now, you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries.
Your wealth has rotted away, your clothes have become moth-eaten,
your gold and silver have corroded,
and that corrosion will be a testimony against you;
it will devour your flesh like a fire.
You have stored up treasure for the last days.
Behold, the wages you withheld from the workers
who harvested your fields are crying aloud;
and the cries of the harvesters
have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.
You have lived on earth in luxury and pleasure;
you have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.
You have condemned;
you have murdered the righteous one;
he offers you no resistance.

What this reading made me think about is the "fun" that liberals would have with it if they decided to take it at face value. They could have a heyday with wealthy Mitt Romney and his impending miseries, moth-eaten clothes, and flesh on fire.

Yes, Obama's class warfare--AKA war on wealth--is evident in everything that he does. He does not really hate rich people though. Indeed, without the 1% like Beyonce and Jay-Z and Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashley Judd and J-Lo and Cher and so many other Hollywood elite he would not have the money to fund his monetary needs, his insatiable need for attention, and the lies to cover up his innumerable deficiencies.

So how does Obama, whose record over the last four years is atrocious at best, keep voters on the hook? Sure he is a charmer. Sure, he is the first black president. But that is not how he does it. No, he does it by giving things away. The old adage Never bite the hand that feeds you has become Never vote against the hand that feeds you. So, Obama gives away freebies to the people. What follows is a partial list of the Obama Freebies that keeps the recipients loyal -- and the rest of enslaved by taxes.

Free phones in Cleveland. You have undoubtedly seen the video that surfaced this week, but here it is for good measure. 

Free income without federal taxes
Now, the fact that low income people do not pay federal taxes is not Obama's fault. But when Mitt Romney and many others point out that Obama's "fair share" mantra is misnamed at best, and class warfare at the very least, they are labeled as being haters of the poor.

Free college education (for the irresponsible youth)
Obama is constantly hitting college campuses to try to reel in the idealistic younger crowd who think they can change the world. The only thing that has changed is the times-- at least since I was in college. I earned scholarships, and I will freely admit that I received several federal grants for undergraduate school because of the size of my family parents' family. I also worked and paid off my own student loans. For law school I took out student loans, and 17 years after passing the bar exam I am still paying them back. But I have never asked, and I never will ask, for the federal government to pay off or forgive my loans. It's called responsibility. We have tragically failed out youth in that department. If you don't believe me, watch this video.

Free colonoscopies in Florida
(pandering to seasoned citizens)
Joe Biden touted this in Florida. He should know all about having colonoscopies. He is full of it. Obama and Biden are trying to scare senior citizens into voting for them. Never mind te TRUTH - that Obamacare cuts $716 million from Medicare. All they can do is tout the freebies. And there are plenty of them.

Free money for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
Never mind that these brutes stormed our embassy in Cairo and burned out American flag earlier this month. The $450 million is less than half of the $1,000,000,000 Obama has promised them. And a huge portion of the Jewish community ignores this blatant slap in the face to Israel.

                                                                                Free assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels
Yes, the Obama administration absolved itself (and Eric Holder) of all guilt in the ill-fated gun-running scheme that left a U.S border agent, Brian Terry, dead. A movie made by Mexican movie-makers will air tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET on Univision, and it is supposed to tell the facts about how Rapido y Furioso (Fast and Furious) affected Mexico. If you read this beyond Sunday night, which is likely, look for the video on You Tube. It'll need subtitles for me.

Free food and other goodies from the grocery
The number of people on food stamps SNAP benefits has exploded under Obama. The Administration has been out there trying to drag as many people onto the system as possible. Once they hook you, they count on you not wanting to give up the goods, even if you get a job.

Free birth control, sterilizations, abortafacients (especially for minors and law students)
Sandra Fluke, poster girl for free condoms
So much has been written on this travesty, the HHS mandate for all insurance policies, that I will not say more at this time. Suffice it to say, while your child can stay on your insurance until she/he is 27 years old, you have no say in whether that (female) child wants rubbers, birth control pills, the morning-after pill (RU 486 - ask your daughter if she knows what it is), an IUD, an abortion, or to have her tubes tied.

Free healthcare
In addition to the HHS mandate requiring contraceptives, sterilization, and abortafacients, there is nothing in there for men. After Obamacare passed, some uninformed people (the 99%) went to doctors the next day asking for free healthcare. "What? I have to purchase it?" they asked. "Only for a few years," replied Obama. "Soon it will all be free." Then you will find out how expensive free healthcare really is. It'll cost you your life.

Free publicity in mainstream media
The fact that Obama has not done a serious interview with an English-based American (serious) news outlet is no secret. But Obama has not been scarce in the fluff media. Here's a sampling of the free publicity he has garnered.

On this particular episode of his many appearances on this worthless morning gabfest, Obama pronounced himself to be "Eye candy." Some say he should have skipped this invitation since he refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during that time frame. But hey, Netanyahu obviously does not think Barack is "eye candy," so, given a choice, there's no doubt where he's gonna go.
Obama laments to Matt Lauer that he is not a dictator and, though he would love it, he cannot do things on his own. Darn that separation-of-powers and those checks-and-balances in the Constitution!

Jay Leno program 10/26/11
I'll admit that Obama has not been on Leno recently. Michelle has made an appearance of late, but not Barack. That's because Leno has been a bit critical, if you can call it that. Yes, he has made a few jokes about Obama. I cannot say the same for...

David Letterman 9-18-12
Although I enjoyed his humor 20 years ago, David Letterman has evolved into one of the most shameless Obama-a**-kissers I could ever fathom. I am not wont to even flip past his show when it is on, lest I be accused of watching it for a split second. So I do not fret too much over these late night Obama appearances since only self-loathing liberals really watch his show anymore.

All I need to say is that this interview aired on September 11. That same day our Ambassador to Libya died in a terrorist attack at our Embassy in Benghazi. Meanwhile, Obama was swooning and listening to his interview recorded the previous day with the Pimp with a Limp. Yeah. Great publicity. That's our prez.

Univision 9-20-12
Mexican reporters come through again on this one. Amid the fluffy interviews he has been doing, Obama thought the Spanish speakers would be pushovers and would boost his image among Hispanics. In addition to Fast and Furious, the interviewers hammered Obama on the immigration laws he promised but failed to deliver. He threw out a few talking points, deflected blame to Republicans, and came out smelling like a dead, molded rose.
Free pass to undocumented young people of voting age
Obama needs their vote, so he said that any illegal alien who is of college age can cry "Dream Act" and be free from deportation. They don't really have to go to college since no one follows up. And they will soon be able to vote for him. He just have to figure out which state has the least checks on voters and will render him the most bang for his buck. Like Fast and Furious did.

                                                       Free flags to drape the coffins of servicemen killed in Afghanistan
If your loved one dies in Afghanistan, Obama will give you a free flag. But who is counting? Since 2009 when Obama took office, the media has stopped counting how many have died on Obama's watch. So what of the fact that the U.S. death toll in Afghanistan, Obama's war, hit 2000 this week? Never fear. He just blames it on Bush.

Due to the budget cuts in defense spending that Obama insisted on to offset cuts in Medicare, thousands will lose their jobs on January 1, 2013. But Obama has pleaded with the contractors to not give out pink slips before the November 6 election. He does not want to look bad. <ahem>

Yes, these are a few of the Obama Freebies that voters should consider. And they ought to consider the upcoming election in Venezuela next week also. A young, charismatic businessman is taking the electorate by storm, which has the near-dead Hugo Chavez quaking in his boots.

No, that's not Obama, it's Henrique Capriles of Venezuela
The irony is in the similarity to what is going on in the U.S. In power is an entrenched socialist who gives away free things to the people to keep their support. His administration consists of thugs that keeps people from expressing their real feelings about for whom they will vote. He is being challenged by a wealthy businessman who plans to restore sanity and freedom. More irony comes in that Capriles, the challenger to Chavez, is Venzuela’s Obama. He draws screaming crowds with his youth, good looks, and magnetic charisma. But, unlike Obama, he is pro-business, like Romney. One report states:
Capriles has made big inroads among the working class where Chavez has his power-base, but still faces suspicions that he is too much of a rich kid and will end Chavez's popular welfare programmes. […]  And then there's the money. A ramping up of spending on social welfare is guaranteed to win votes, while state institutions have barely concealed their use of official resources to support Chavez. Capriles's own, cheaper, campaign relies on donations and fundraising by supporters. Some wealthy Venezuelan businessmen and exiles are also thought to be helping.

Obama, like Chavez, still gets his fix from a fraction of the 1% who want him in power so that they will also be able to maintain a stranglehold over the 99% -- using self-adulation and envy. Obama must sleep really well at night knowing that Hugo Chavez would vote for him if he could. And in Obama's world, he can. All he has to do is send someone to register for him. It's free, after all!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Puppet Tells Egregious Lie to Catholics

Last month I posted an entry examining "Catholics for Obama," the national leaders of Obama's committee in charge of trying to bamboozle Catholics into voting for Obama by lying about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. There is an article being published on Monday by The Weekly Standard that reports on one of the most egregious lies I have yet to hear, and the lie comes from one of the Obama committee members. It comes from a man at none other than the Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America, Stephen Schneck.

I find it shameful that my alma mater allows this man to be associated with the university that the Bishops themselves call their own. Stephen Schneck is the same one who said previously that Obama is more pro-life than Romney. Now this liar says basically that Catholics cannot vote for Mitt Romney because under a Republican administration there will be a 6-8% increase in the number of abortions in America. His reasoning is asinine. I am infuriated that he hides under the mantle of Catholicism to make this absurd and shameful assertion.

Please read the article here: Pass it along to every Catholic you know so that they can be informed of the lies that Obama and his puppets are perpetrating on Catholics. Then ask your Catholic friends write to their respective bishops and insist that this man be removed from the payroll of the Catholic University of America.


Two Baseball Stories, Two Different Endings, One Lesson

Today I have two baseball stories to write about. Right up my husband's alley. The stories are as unique as they can be with respect to each other, yet they have something in common that binds them at the very heart.

If you have been alive for the last 35 years, or if you watch a lot of old movies on TV, you may recall the classic movie A League of Their Own. My husband watches this movie every time he is flipping channels and sees it on. It came out in 1992, just as the Reagan-Bush era was coming to a close and the Clinton era was about to set in. The story is about the Women's Professional Baseball League that sprang up in the 1940s as a substitute for the men's leagues. Since the men went off to war abroad, the women baseball players were supposed to be a distraction for Americans at home.

Before getting to the substance of the movie, let me make a few observations and comments abut the movie's externals -- namely actors and locations for filming. With a quick mathematical calculation, one can figure out that the 20th anniversary of the film is this year. Ah, yes... Rosie, Madge, Geena, Lori, and Tom were all 20 years younger back then -- even younger when the filming was actually taking place. Where are they now?

In the decades since the movie came out, Rosie also came out. She announced "I'm a dyke," married her girlfriend, adopted kids, got booted from "The View," divorced her girlfriend, had a show on OWN for a few months before cancellation, secretly married a new girlfriend, and recently had a heart attack. She also had a very high-profile spat with Donald Trump a few years ago.

What about Madge? See my earlier expose.

And what of Heart-throb Hanks? After League, he charmed us all as a single Seattle dad, entertained the world as the unforgettable Forest Gump (another movie that my husband watches every time he sees it on), tore our hearts out as the heroic gay lawyer in Philadelphia, captured the essence of an American astronaut hero in Apollo 13, and portrayed the agnostic writer-turned-action-hero in Dan Brown's anti-Catholic pro-Mason series of books-made-into-movies. Hanks also came out -- as a flaming liberal in Hollywood's "progressive" cesspool.

What about Geena and Lori? No subsequent starring roles to speak of, at least that I can say I saw firsthand. They dropped off the face of the Hollywood globe. (I recently listened to Petty read one of Janet Evanovich's first books in the Stephanie Plum series, and I was not impressed when compared to the one who reads them now.)

The first point about the movie A League of Their Own that I want to make is with regard to a scene near the end of the movie. It's where Davis' character (Dottie) is preparing to leave the team after her husband returns from war and she realizes how much she misses him and home. Hanks' character (Jimmy Dugan), the rumpled manager who was a former baseball star pushes Dottie on why she is leaving.

"It's too hard," she says.

"It's supposed to be hard," says Dugan. "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

Scene where Dottie is leaving

Now, if you did not watch that video clip, go back and do it now (ahem, Mom). The reason I say that is not just because of the dialogue, but because I want you to notice the background -- the car across the street where the mechanic is flanked by two young women. This scene was filmed in my hometown (see for yourself) and those two women are my sister and my sister-in-law!

This is the scene...

Close-up of backgrounders.

 Both of these beautiful relatives of mine know the true meaning of "hard is what makes it great," especially Sister-in-law. She is due to give birth to her and my brother's first child in less than two weeks, after 18 years of marriage. They are blessed, and so are we!

[Bonus material: In case you are interested, here is some footage from the local TV station that was on the scene during the filming of the movie in 1991.]

WFIE Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Back to the second baseball story that I read this morning. It is a story that most likely only Catholics will "get," and even then only SOME Catholics.

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

This story is about a man we'll call Matthew. This young man was an outstanding baseball player in high school, so much so that he was drafted by the Oakland A's (the team that was featured in the baseball movie Moneyball a few years ago). Matthew started off in the minor league, and was working his way up the ranks when "tragedy" struck. Matthew was struck by a pitch that broke a bone in his wrist, sidelining him indefinitely. Although he was supposed to be out only six weeks, his injury was slow to heal.

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

Now, injury certainly is not unique to Matthew as an athlete. Many have exited promising careers due to something happening to their bodies or minds. What makes Matthew different is that during the time he was sidelined, he discovered that what he thought was his calling in life was not God's calling.

In our first story, we saw Dottie Hinson, a wife who was missing her soldier husband. She immersed herself in baseball, but she always knew it was not her passion, her career. When her husband returned, she realized what was important to her -- being with her husband who had been injured in battle. But she also realized that she had made a commitment to the team, and that leaving just before the World Series was not fair to them or to herself. She DID love baseball, but fully understood that there was more to life than baseball and adoring fans. She wanted the love of her husband and her family. Dottie played only that one year in the women's league.

So what of Matthew? What did he realize with regard to baseball and his injury and the meaning of life? Matthew realized that God was calling him to a new life. He was called to join the Norbertine order of priests. That's easier to pronounce than their actual name: Praemonstratension Fathers, initials O.Praem.

So who is this man I have called Matthew? His birth name is Grant Desme, and his assigned religious name is (Brother) Frater Matthew. In one of the most moving vocation pieces I have ever read, the story of Grant becoming Matthew will knock your stocks of.

Here is one excerpt from the Jeff Passan piece on Yahoo! describing Grant-Matthew's decision to leave baseball. The entire piece is a must-read.
It was easy to look at Grant Desme and think he was crazy, for leaving behind the sport, the riches, the lifestyle, the family, the wife, the kids, the spoils of the bubble in which athletes live, giving that up for the same day, every day, forever. He needed to trust. God hadn't spoken to him, not one-on-one. He doesn't call like that. It's more an emptiness that only something bigger can fulfill, even if that something still has questions.
Baseball wasn't big enough. St. Michael's [Abbey] was.

The first phone call went to Billy Beane. It was less than a month before Grant Desme needed to report to spring training, and he was about to call one of the most powerful men in the game to which he dedicated his life – the person Brad Pitt would portray in the "Moneyball" movie – and tell him he was quitting to spend the next decade becoming a priest.
And it was then he knew this was the right choice.
Because he wasn't nervous. No jitters, no anxiety. Just 10 digits to freedom.
Passan captures the story with amazing clarity. I am amazed at how he describes the calling that Grant heard and felt in his inner being. I am moved to tears. I have been there -- twice -- feeling the emptiness and the longing for more, and the call to give religious life a try. Lucky for me, I found my answer in my husband. Leaving the single life and my job at home to move to a new state and get married was not easy, but I have no regrets.

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

Grant DID love baseball, but fully understood that there was more to life than baseball and adoring fans. He wanted the love of God and a mission. Grant played only that short time in the minor league. Now he plays for God.
This piece could go on and on. But I will end with this inspiring video from St. Michael Abbey, the Norbertine order where Frater Matthew now resides and learns and grows. Maybe some day I will meet him. He and his confreres are definitely in a league of their own.

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."



Thursday, September 27, 2012

11-year-old Impregnated by Mother's Piece-of-Trash Now-Dead Boyfriend

I have another blog where I post stories and lawyers and court cases, so when I saw this story I thought it might be something for my Esquire Treats readers. As I read the post that this woman wrote about the case, I was thinking, Yes, this is worth exploring and finding out more about the situation. Then I got to the last line, and was shocked at what this woman was leading up to. See for yourself:
When it turns out your 11-year-old daughter is pregnant and your middle-aged boyfriend suddenly disappears, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. But then the boyfriend saves you the trouble by calling you and apologizing for knocking up your 11-year-old kid.
And it gets worse. The man, Gregory Johns, then robs a couple at knife-point. There, he reportedly leaves a note also apologizing to the 11-year-old girl for sexually assaulting her.
And it gets worse. Then the guy breaks into the home of an elderly woman, and allegedly gags her and ties her up for 12 hours. He also calls his girlfriend and tells her that the cops will have to kill him before he goes back to jail. Oh yes, did I mention? He'd been in jail 10 times already -- on charges ranging from aggravated assault to armed robbery.
Eventually, the dude holes up in a hotel in Florida, where the cops find him. He reportedly comes out of the bathroom with a knife in hand, threatens the police, and they fatally shoot him.
While we're all pondering why this mother let her 11-year-old girl around her criminal boyfriend (because this is no doubt what everyone will focus on), let's consider some other facts: We now reportedly have an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her mother's dead middle-aged boyfriend. Who is going to say this is a blessing?
I hope the mother does what is right for this little girl for a change and that does not include forcing her to have her dead criminal boyfriend's baby.

Did your mouth drop open like mine did? There are so many things wrong with that last sentence, not the least of which is whose choice is it? And even more so, what business is it of Kiri Blakely (who write the story) to suggest that an 11-year-old have an abortion just because her mother's boyfriend was a piece of trash? What did that baby inside the 11-year-old do to earn death?

If the mother of the 11-year-old and the child herself decide that the 11-year-old cannot or should not take care of a child, or if they simply do not want to raise a child, or if they think the child will be a reminder of the scumbag biological father and/or the way the 11-year-old became pregnant, there are millions of couples out there who would give anything to adopt that child. Having an abortion will not make all of those horrific facts go away.

To suggest that the mother would be "forcing" her daughter to have the baby is preposterous. Pregnancy means you are carrying a child, a human being. Birth is the natural and Christlike thing to do. Forcing her to have an abortion, or even suggesting it, indicates that the 11-year-old or the child growing inside her did something wrong. The fact that the child was conceived by rape is NOT determinative of who the baby will be or the person that child will grow up to be.

Last month I wrote about the 9-year-old and the 5-year-old girls who had babies. That posting was meant to illustrate that abortion is not the answer to every questionable pregnancy. Sadly, it is no longer a last resort even. For people like Kiri Blakely, it is the first resort.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Madonna Exposes Herself for Obama

I have long been opposed to movie stars and musicians and other celebrities using their celebrity status to promote their political views. Sure, they have the right to free speech. But when you consider that there are people who would do whatever some of these "stars" say without assessing whether it is good or bad for them personally, it is reminiscent of those who promoted Hitler and Chavez and Kim Jong Il and other dictators.

Last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., Madonna appeared in concert. Remember her? She used to be famous for her cutting-edge songs in the 1980s. She was never one of my favorites, but she knew how to capture an audience with her voice back then. Sure, she as over the top in some of her garb and her antics, but she was young and that was how she got away with it.

Now, in 2012, this woman in her 6th decade of life is famous because she is an old lost soul who goes around the world trying to shock people by exposing her nipple (Turkey) and flashing bare buttocks (Italy) and then both of these private areas (France). She is nothing less than a porn star now. Recently she was even called a "slut" by the Russian deputy prime minister, which I am sure she ate up for the sake of publicity.

Apparently Madonna's talent cannot support her any longer. Indeed, when you watch the videos of her nowadays and turn off the sound, she really looks pathetic up there on stage, kicking and flailing and flexing and exposing herself. She can still make people laugh -- only now they laugh at her now, rather than with her.

A search just now on You Tube of "Madonna Verizon Center" reveals numerous video postings from the concert she did there on September 23. This screen shot shows that, of the 6 videos that you can see listed on the screen here, all posted 23 hours ago (almost a full day), there was 1 view of 1 video. That's it.

So, back to celebrities pushing their politics on the just-been-flashed. At some of her recent concerts, including the Verizon Center stints, Madonna painted "OBAMA" on her body. Then, last night, in profanity laced interludes, she told the audience to go out and "f--king vote for Obama." Then as she stripped off her shirt, she made the threat that if Obama wins re-election she will strip naked onstage. God forbid we have to endure a 54 year-old has-been trying to appear relevant by exposing her equally irrelevant body.

And isn't that just what we need for this country? An election based on horny men and women who vote for a candidate so that they can see a 54-year-old has-been pop star expose her pitiful, desperate self to non-Americans around the world.

Madonna is a sad woman, hurting inside from self-loathing. Why else would she want everyone else to be as miserable as she is?

And to think there are two precious, adopted children from Africa who call her "Mom." Sadly, they will never know the greatness of America while she runs their lives.

Please Pray That These People Do Not Vote!

I am Catholic. I vote. I try to be informed. I do not know if any of these people interviewed by Howard Sterns' staff are Catholic, but they are certainly not informed. And I dearly hope and pray that they are not voters on November 6!

Share this video. It is important to get the word out that clueless people vote for Obama!!

Hopefully these and other clueless people will not be informed enough to get to the voting booth on November 6!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama Loses Flag Desecration

It's gone. Just like that. Mysteriously. The desecrated flag poster is missing from the Obama store.

This is what the website showed last week...

But when you click on the webpage link now you see this:

...and this is what you get now when you go to the web page.

Perhaps, for once, they realized the error of their ways. I'll check back later and see if they reinstate it....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pandas, Abortion, Dodos and Extinction

I am not a FONZ, but even if I was, I would not be all bent out of shape over the events of the past week.

FONZ stands for Friend Of the National Zoo. They and millions of others throughout the world have been excitedly watching the National Zoo's panda cam over the last week. That's because last Sunday, the Giant Panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a baby.

Mei Xiang
Over the many years that I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area, there has always been much ado about pandas. The Chinese loan the adult giant pandas to the Zoo for a certain number of years, and then we have to send them home to China again when their time is up. At one point a number of years ago there were two panda babies born here, and they lived here for a few years before they were sent back to the "mother land."

A baby panda -- not the one born last week.
Then the news came out this morning that the panda baby had died.

My first thought when I saw all the stories and the grieving over this 100 gram panda baby was that I wish people would pay that much attention to the human babies that die every day from abortion. Then I spotted this comment to an ABC news story on Yahoo!

8users liked this comment17users disliked this comment
Dave 6 hrs ago
At least the cub wasn't aborted, it actually lived a week.
1 Reply

  • 2users liked this comment1users disliked this comment
  • April C 6 hrs ago
    They wouldn't abort the cub since Pandas are an endangered species. Humans, however, are not.

"They wouldn't abort the cub since Pandas are an endangered species. Humans, however, are not."

"They wouldn't abort the cub since Pandas are an endangered species. Humans, however, are not."

"They wouldn't abort the cub since Pandas are an endangered species. Humans, however, are not."

"They wouldn't abort the cub since Pandas are an endangered species. Humans, however, are not."

God in Heaven, please send your Spirit on April and the two who "liked" her comment. It is a truly sad statement when a woman says that it is all right to kill a human baby since humans are not an endangered species. Saddest of all is that April's comment probably makes sense to millions of women -- and men -- who are of the same mindset.

Is this what we have come to in this country? Is being on the brink of extinction what it will take before abortion advocates finally come around to wanting to protect and save human life at all stages?

As a friend pointed out recently, if there is anything good about the support that liberals have for abortion it is that they will some day abort themselves out of existence. When they get to the point that they are an endangered species, maybe then they will see the error of their ways. I hope by then it is too late. Extinction can be a good thing. The first dodos went that route. It's time for the second batch to follow suit.


Obama and the Blood on His Hands

Last week when I saw the story of Obama and the new desecrated flag poster that he is selling, the ragged red stripes on the flag reminded me of something. I could not place it, but I an uneasy feeling about. it. Now I know what it resembled. Days earlier, I had seen the image of blood left behind by Americans in Libya at the embassy where our U.S. Ambassador and three others died.

Someone else also saw the resemblance also, and the stark similarity in the images above is drawing much attention. Why was there little or no protection for our Ambassador?

Obama's new flag -- a symbol for the blood on his hands?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Do Catholic Women Reject Catholic Teachings?

Caroline Kennedy's speech at the DNC earlier this month was a prime example of what has come to be called "Cafeteria Catholicism." In a cafeteria line you can pick and choose what you want to eat, and leave behind things that are not so appealing. Similarly, Cafeteria Catholics pick and choose the teachings and practices that fit their schedule or routine or whim, and leave the "meat" behind. Perhaps they should be called "Vegetarian Catholics" instead. Or, they are often called CINOs -- Catholic In Name Only.

Whatever the name given to the phenomenon, the most notorious example of this in recent years is Catholic women and men who reject the Church's teaching on birth control and abortion. I have never understood how women in particular can call themselves Catholic while, as Ms. Kennedy does, brazenly rejecting the Church's teachings. A new study has come out that purports to answer this question. I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all answer, but this study does dig deeper than anything that I have seen to date on the subject.

 Remember back in February when the Democrats were trying to justify the mandate to provide contraceptives, abortafacients and sterilizations to women free of charge? They kept repeating the talking point that 98% of Catholic women used birth control. That number was never substantiated. Indeed, there was no way to refute it because it was made up. (It's kind of like the fictitious "jobs created or saved" statistics that the Democrats love to spew.) Anyway, that figure was debunked by a number of sources, but the mainstream media and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius--both CINOs--continue to push it. They use their government jobs as bully pulpits to promote abortions and to denounce Catholic teaching.

But back to the study. The two things that it identifies as being responsible for Catholic women who reject the teachings of the Church are the influences of culture and the lack of education in Catholic teaching. LifeSiteNews explains a portion of the study:
Mistakenly or not, 53 per cent of all women in the study who dissent in part or completely from church teaching cite a couple’s “moral right” to decide which method of family planning they will use. This makes it the top reason given for rejecting church teaching on the matter.
Two other reasons are cited frequently among this group: 46 percent say couples have “the right to enjoy sexual pleasure without worrying about pregnancy”, and 41 percent think that natural family planning is not an effective method to space or postpone pregnancy.
The authors perceive two main dynamics shaping these views: the influence of a cultural mindset that divorces sex from procreation and promises “sexual pleasure without consequences”, and a deficit on the church side in presenting Church teaching.
The latter can be deduced from the fact that 72 per cent of women surveyed said they rely mainly on the homily at Sunday Mass for learning about the faith, and yet just 15 per cent of that group fully accept the Church’s teaching on sex and reproduction. The weekly Mass homily, the authors say, “seems to represent a lost opportunity when it comes to conscience formation on the contraception issue.”
As for cultural influences, they seem likely (although the authors don’t say so) to account for at least some of the scepticism about natural family planning given the systematic bad press NFP [Natural Family Planning] is give by mainstream family planners and the media.
I personally know a priest who promotes the "conscience" exception to Church teachings. He tells women (and men) that they can follow their consciences when it comes to morals. Naturally, those who think that they are not ready for a child for whatever reason will convince themselves that their conscience is telling them that contraception is okay or, if they do get pregnant, that abortion is acceptable.

My parents used to tell my siblings and me as children that misery loves company. They explained that when someone holds an opinion that they know is not right, or if they do something that they know is wrong, they want others to join them in order to make them feel justified, or to make them feel less guilty. Often times this leads to bullying. Those who hold the "right" or truthful belief are ridiculed or bullied by those who must try to lessen their own guilt. This is what I see happening amongst Catholics today.

Karen Handel

And it is happening on the political front as well. Planned Bullyhood is a new book that just came out on September 11. It was written by Karen Handel, who was senior vice-president at Susan G. Komen for the Cure  earlier this year when that organization announced that it was parting ways with Planned Parenthood. Handel reveals that the decision not to provide any more funding to the abortion-providing organization was long in the making. The lightning rod organization has been under investigation for quite some time for a number of violations. Handel's book exposes the hypocrisy and bullying that took place in the battle between the two well-known organizations. 

To order Karen Handel's Book, go to

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pledge Allegiance to ... Obama?

When the President is so willing to desecrate the American flag, is it any wonder that his followers choose to pledge allegiance not to the FLAG but to OBAMA? This is getting even scarier, Friends. Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman have pledged their loyalty and their votes to Obama. Alba waxed nostalgic on her youth when she and her friends pledged allegiance to the flag. But no more. Now they pledge allegiance to Obama.

What is it with liberals and mottoes and mantras and
posting pics of yourself showing "I heart Obama"?
So on Twitter there is a place called #ForAll that you can send your pics of yourself pledging allegiance to Obama and telling why you are going to vote for him. I am not going to waste space reprinting any of those idiots Obamaphiles, but here are some of my favorite #ForAll Twitter bombs.

And one of my favorite conservative pundits, Dana Loesch got in on the action.

This is not the first scary thing liberals have done in support of Obama. Remember this child indoctrination video a few years ago?

These young black "Obama Youth" in Missouri also got in on the Obamidolatry before the 2008 election. (The teacher was suspended until the attention blew over.)

And then there was this video with Hollywood celebrities when Obama had his campaign to force people to do social service. (You don't have to watch the whole ridiculous thing.) I wonder how many of these idiots have kept their "pledges" - especially the really creepy tattooed dude at the 3:17 mark.

Below is the video that Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman and all the other liberal Obamabot boys and girls need to see. I am sure they have no clue who Red Skelton was, but I grew up watching him in the 60s. Red Skelton knew what the pledge of allegiance is all about, boys and girls.

Did you pay attention to the end, where Red predicted what is at stake today? What he says would be "a pity" -- dropping "under God" -- is almost preferable to what is happening now -- people switching their allegiance from the flag to Obama.

And have you heard America's most famous Cowboy, John Wayne, recite and explain the pledge?

 I am willing to give Misses Alba, Portman, and Johansson the benefit of the doubt that they do not know how disrespectful and unpatriotic their pledge of allegiance to Obama is.They probably do not even know the Pledge of Allegiance, so here is someone who can teach them.

And in this final video is for Misses Alba, Johansson, and Portman. Little Chloe can recite the pledge for you, so pay close attention and you might learn a thing or two.

And now, if anyone knows Miss Alba or Miss Johansson or Miss Portman, please forward this blog post to them so they can learn the meaning of pledging allegiance to the FLAG, and that pledging allegiance to a mere man is as un-American and close to treasonous as you can get in my book.

Obama Desecrates Flag to Serve His Ego

This story will not get any play in the mainstream media, but every American should be concerned over this desecration of the American flag by Obama.

Obama tweeted about the desecrated symbol today:

President Barack Obama took the Cult of Obama and narcissism to perhaps an unprecedented level on Wednesday when his campaign began selling posters that desecrated the image of the American flag by replacing the stars on the flag with the “O” symbol that serves as the Obama campaign’s logo. 

Obama’s Twitter account (@BarackObama) sent a tweet that said, “A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States: http://OFA.BO/gfHgXM ."
The tweet linked to Obama’s campaign store, where people could purchase a limited edition “OUR STRIPES: FLAG PRINT” poster for $35.

This is what the Obama website looks like where it is selling these obnoxious posters.

What happened to the original 13 colonies? Seven red and six white stripes are the official numbers. Which of the first 13 states is Obama leaving out?

Can you imagine the media outrage that we would be hearing if this image had popped up on Romney's website?

The Obama You Don't Know

Today's issue of the Washington Examiner has a Special Report pullout section, accessible online at It is titled "The Man Behind the Image," with Barack Obama being the nominal "Man." The report is divided into an Introduction and 10 chapters, and is a must-read. Even if you are an Obama supporter, this report gives insight into the past and present of the man who holds the most powerful office in the world.

Introduction: The Obama you don't know (Print version: Obama's real life story in 10 acts)

Chapter 1 A childhood of privilege, not hardship

Chapter 2 Myth of the 'rock-star' professor

Chapter 3 The 1997 speech that launched Obama

Chapter 4 Defense attorney for Chicago slumlord

Chapter 5 Obama's toughest critics on the Left

Chapter 6 The poor people Obama left behind

Chapter 7 Myth of Obama as state senate reformer

Chapter 8 Using state pensions to help friends

Chapter 9  Obama's Arab-American network

Chapter 10  Obama brings Chicago to Washington

Please pass this Special Report along 
to every American of voting age.

And maybe you will want to take a look at this video again: "Obama That I Used to Know"


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Off the Cuff Remarks and Hidden Videos

In a now famous impromptu "interview," Joe the Plumber outed Obama as a socialist in 2008 during an Obama campaign swing through Ohio. Obama later tried to spin what he said and denied that he had socialist leanings.

Now a new audio interview of Obama from ten years earlier has surfaced, and there is no doubt that he is a died-in-the-wool socialist who completely embraces and advocates for redistribution of wealth, one of the fundamental premises of socialism. This You Tube video has been viewed more than 277,000 times since it was posted yesterday. Here are the introduction and the audio that have cornered Obama and undoubtedly sent shivers through his campaign.
At an October 19, 1998 conference at Loyola University, Barack Obama spoke against "propaganda" that said government doesn't work and the need to "pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution."

Obama and his minions in the mainstream media have been focusing for three days on a video tape of Mitt Romney from earlier this year when he made comments to a group at a fundraising event. Someone secretly recorded the video, and a small excerpt has been played over and over on every news channel and program.

The transcription of what Romney said is provided on the video by Mother Jones, the group that bought the tape and posted it on You Tube. It was already out in circulation, but it had not gained any momentum until this week.

Here is what gets me. I agree with Romney. Most conservatives agree with Romney. So why is he apologizing? He dares to be honest, and he has to apologize? He should stick to it and say, "You're darn right I said it, and I meant it!" Then he should say it again and tell Americans that he cares  about Americans and he can offer Americans a way out of the depressed economy that Obama has fostered, nurtured and promoted for four years. This is not hate. This is tough love!

No more apologies, Mitt! Don't be bullied by the 47% who will never vote for you anyway! We can and will win this in November!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amazing Karaoke Performance

Catholics do not believe in reincarnation. But if I did, I would swear that the young woman in the video below was Whitney Houston reincarnate.

Wow. That's all I can say.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The HHS Mandate Controversy Grows

"I'm Catholic, I'm pro-abortion, and I'm proud of it!"
Earlier this month, Caroline Kennedy was a speaker at the Democrat National Convention. Many found this DNC speech to be  extremely troubling. In her 6 minute speech, Kennedy invoked her Catholic faith as justification for her stance on women's reproductive rights. "As a Catholic woman, I take reproductive health seriously," Kennedy said, "and today, it is under attack. This year alone, more than a dozen states have passed more than 40 restrictions on women's access to reproductive health care. That's not the kind of future I want for my daughters or your daughters." That's the most despicable part of her speech. Luckily, her droning was so unappealing that the audience barely claps at anything that she says. Indeed, Jesse Jackson is shown making a grand entry with is entourage, and he looks about as interested in her speech as a sleeping cat would have been. [Aside: It's funny that Democrats have complained so vigorously about Mitt Romney refusing to release more of his tax returns when they have members like Kennedy who refused to release ANY financial records back in 2008 when she sought the appointment to fill Hilary's Clinton's Senate seat.]

The more interesting video to watch is this clip from Bill O'Reilly wherein he, as a Catholic himself, expresses his shock over Kennedy invoking her Catholic faith as justification for the reason she supports abortion. Sure, she calls it "reproductive rights," but that is simply the Democrat's' politically correct term for abortion, or baby murder. Here is the O'Reilly clip.

Like Bill O'Reilly, I find it stunning that Kennedy thinks that her position on supporting abortion is somehow in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I stopped trying a long time ago to understand such deluded thinking. Anyone who heard her speech and thought, "Oh, Caroline Kennedy is a Catholic, so if she thinks abortion is okay, then it must be okay and now I can vote for Obama," is just as delusional as she is.

Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois
What is clear, however, is that issue of the HHS mandate on employers to cover all the needs for women to get free "reproductive care" is becoming even more of a hot button issue. Most Catholics think the mandate goes too far and infringes upon religious liberty. Trying to fend off at least one of the many lawsuits that have been filed against the mandate, the Obama administration tweaked its existing exception in order to get one lawsuit dismissed. Wheaton College in Illinois had filed a lawsuit earlier this year because it did not fit the religious exemption that the administration originally  laid out for employers who objected to the mandate. So, in late August, the administration amended the mandate yet again so that it covered Wheaton College's situation. But this change is only a temporary "fix," as it merely extends the time which the college has to comply with the mandate -- to next August (2013), along with the other religious employers who fall under the exemption. This "tweak" succeeded in making the college's claim not yet ripe, so the judge dismissed the lawsuit. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing the college, will have members speaking at a Catholic parish in my area this coming Saturday morning, so I will be spending part of my weekend there to ask questions and hear the latest news.

55 plaintiffs filed 23 federal lawsuits earlier this year. New plaintiffs have also filed since the initial filings.

Another of the battles that is finally being waged in the war against the HHS mandate is that of the rights of "non-religious" employers. This includes employers who run secular businesses but who seek to follow their religious beliefs in the way they run their businesses. EWTN reports on this latest piece of the mandate controversy.
A lawyer challenging the Obama administration's contraception mandate said that employers should not be forced to compromise religious beliefs in order to run a for-profit company.
"The idea that just because you open a business, you leave your religion at the door is not supported by anything in our law," said Francis J. Manion, senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.
Manion told EWTN News on Aug. 23 that while it is common to see employers in America separating their religious beliefs from their business practices, they are not required to do so.
The Supreme Court and other U.S. courts have consistently recognized corporations as persons with "the same rights as anyone else," he explained.
In defending the controversial federal contraception mandate, the Obama administration has argued that "for-profit, secular employers not engage in any exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment.”
But Manion pointed to the landmark 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have a First Amendment right to free speech.
This ruling was consistent with 100 years of precedent in America, Manion said, and if corporations have a right to free speech, they should also have a right to religious freedom, which is also protected and given a position of priority in the First Amendment.
Manion is currently involved in defending a for-profit company from the contraception mandate, which requires employers to offer health insurance plans that cover contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs even if doing so violates their consciences.

Read more:

Similarly, a businesswoman from Chicago is also standing up for her religious rights and fighting the mandate because she "believes that the government must respect her identity as a Catholic woman as well as a business owner."

Mary Anne Yep, co-founder and vice president of Triune Health Group [...] told CNA on Aug. 23 that she cannot separate her identity as a woman, a business owner and a Catholic. The government cannot expect her to “carve out a portion” of herself during working hours, she said.
Yep helped found Triune Health Group in 1990, along with her husband, Christopher, who serves as the company’s president and CEO.
The company was recently named the Best Place to Work for Women in the Chicago metro area by Crain’s Chicago Business.[...]
The Yeps and their business are suing both the federal government and the state of Illinois for infringing upon their religious freedom in their business decisions.
An Aug. 23 statement announcing the lawsuit explained that the Yeps “view business as a form of religious stewardship and an integral part of their lives as faithful Roman Catholics.”
Read more:
But the biggest entry into the fray is probably the arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby, which announced last week that it is filing suit against the Obama administration over the HHS mandate. The owners of Hobby Lobby are not Catholic, but they are Christian. They are represented by the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty. Hopefully they will update us this weekend on what is going on in the case.

So, this coming Saturday, after I attend the meeting at St. John the Beloved Parish in Arlington, VA, I will head over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then I will hit Chick-Fil-A for some delicious chicken. On Sunday, the Church will be open, but the other two businesses will be closed.

St. John the Beloved Catholic Church, McLean, VA