Monday, September 3, 2012

The More Obama Pushes Change, the Less the Democrats Do

Once again, it's all about Obama. This video almost breaks my heart. These grieving parents, especially this mother who gives voice to the pain she feels, are right to criticize an out-of-touch president and a vile former president who conspires to make the killing of bin Laden all about Obama.

I don't know if all liberals who spend their lives in politics get so empty inside that they are as out of touch with the feelings and sentiments of Americans as Obama and Clinton. You can see the entire 1:30 commercial at this link.

The knowledge that some liberals are empty inside and clueless goes back a long way. Even Bob Hope knew it way back when he was a young man.

And a few decades after Bob Hope, nearly 4 decades ago, Archie Bunker had Democrats in Washington nailed down in a monologue that could have been written yesterday.

And now, jumping ahead to 11 months ago, we have the pièce de résistance to show how our deeply embedded in our education system the liberal mindset has become. You MUST watch this video, as it is ten minutes of insanity. This is the brain-power behind Occupy D.C., the up-and-coming class of gimme-gimme-gimmes that the liberal control of higher education, accentuated and perpetuated by the last four years Obama regime, has bred for the last 60 years in this country. Hold back your laughter until the very end, but pay close attention to the girl in the Harvard sweatshirt. She should become a lawyer. This video was posted in October of 2011.

Adam Kokesh, you are my hero of the day!

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