Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Obama You Don't Know

Today's issue of the Washington Examiner has a Special Report pullout section, accessible online at It is titled "The Man Behind the Image," with Barack Obama being the nominal "Man." The report is divided into an Introduction and 10 chapters, and is a must-read. Even if you are an Obama supporter, this report gives insight into the past and present of the man who holds the most powerful office in the world.

Introduction: The Obama you don't know (Print version: Obama's real life story in 10 acts)

Chapter 1 A childhood of privilege, not hardship

Chapter 2 Myth of the 'rock-star' professor

Chapter 3 The 1997 speech that launched Obama

Chapter 4 Defense attorney for Chicago slumlord

Chapter 5 Obama's toughest critics on the Left

Chapter 6 The poor people Obama left behind

Chapter 7 Myth of Obama as state senate reformer

Chapter 8 Using state pensions to help friends

Chapter 9  Obama's Arab-American network

Chapter 10  Obama brings Chicago to Washington

Please pass this Special Report along 
to every American of voting age.

And maybe you will want to take a look at this video again: "Obama That I Used to Know"


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