Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats Deceiving Democrats!

Last night I highlighted the Democrats' decision to leave God and Jerusalem out of their party's platform for this year's presidential election. That is, they chose to expose their belief that an undivided Jerusalem is NOT the capital of Israel, nor do they see God as important enough for even a mention in their platform.

Last night I also highlighted Brett Baier's interview with the defensive and agitated Dick Durbin, Senator from Illinois. There was a subsequent interview on the Communist News Network (CNN) of Senator Chuck Schumer of New York where he professed unequivocally not to know President Obama's position on the issue of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Everyone knew this was ludicrous. Either Schumer was afraid to admit that Obama believes Jerusalem IS the capital of Jerusalem, which would mean that the party ignored him and did not include it in the platform (and Obama approved being ignored), OR Obama does not believe Jerusalem is the capital and the DNC complied. Either way, Schumer (and Obama) would lose if he tried to explain.

So, after much pressure in the last 24 hours from the press to explain itself, the Democrat party's leadership backtracked and decided to put the questionable references back into their platform. But the Democrat delegates were not so eager to do that.

Absolutely insane! Even after three votes, there is clearly NOT a 2/3 majority in favor of amending the platform. But Villaraigosa still  rammed through the amendment to the party's platform, over the clear disapproval of the delegates who voiced their votes. The Democrats even deceive themselves!

This is "ammunition" that the Democrats handed to Republicans on a silver platter.

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