Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama's Catholic Pitch Falls Way Short

A few weeks ago I acknowledged the "Catholics for Obama" team of national co-chairs that Obama has put together to try to win over Catholics who are not willing to settle for his rhetoric and losing record. Now Obama has a video out aimed at Catholics, inviting us to join his team.

Now, in watching that video, I can make these observation about the message that it attempts to send to Catholics. Here are my line-by-line reflections and observations.

-"Four years ago we were facing two wars and the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes" - And although you promised to make everything better, we are in an even deeper economic crisis and are hated by nearly every other country of the world!

-"Big banks and insurance companies were playing by their own rules" - You lie! They were playing by rules set by a Congress and Senate that have been controlled overwhelmingly by Democrats for the last 50 years!

- "...and politicians were looking the other way." - Weren't you in that Senate that was "looking the other way," sir?

-"There have been many times over the years when I have fallen on my knees asking God for guidance, not just in my personal life but in the life of this nation" - I think it was Mr. Obama who once said, "Just words, just speeches..."

-"The Bible calls on us to be our brother's keeper, our sister's keeper" - is that ALL he gets from the Bible? Good heavens, Scriptures scholars must be cringing. I am, and I am not a Scripture scholar!

-"As a public servant I must do my part to answer that call" - What?? Is he saying public servants have to live by the Bible? That is contrary to everything that he stands for. He did not even have "God" in his platform at the DNC until Republicans called him on it! And his war on religion is completely at odds with the Bible.

-(Picture of teacher writing on a dry-erase board in front of a class of all-white students- meaning?) - Indoctrination of students? Implying Catholic schools are all white? Couldn't be more wrong!

-"That's why I fought to keep this a country where everyone who works hard has a basic sense of dignity and a chance to get ahead" - then why did you say "You didn't get there on your own" and "You didn't build that"? Doesn't sound like you are fighting TOO hard to convey that sense of dignity.

-"That means things like good jobs and good wages" (picture of Chicago Fire Department, not Chicago schools though since teachers there are NOT happy with their wages)

-" that's there for you when you get sick..." - What, we did not have healthcare available until Mr. Obama came into office?

- "A secure retirement..." - Come on, are you implying Social Security provides a "secure retirement"? You have gutted the stock market and the savings of millions of Americans, Mr. President, so do not even go there!

-"...the chance to buy a home to call you own..." - When the foreclosure rate is at an all-time high, I think the country needs a lot LESS help from you and your Democratic cronies!

-"...and an education that givers our young people every chance in life." - No one needs EVERY chance in life. And no one should promise it. That is ludicrous. And it is not the job of the president to provide or promise such impossibilities. "Just words, just speeches..."

-[The Obama family is depicted at a soup kitchen, where Mr. Obama appears to publicly gnaw on Sasha's face at the 52-55 second mark. This was from Thanksgiving of 2010 at Martha's Kitchen, a community based organization in D.C. - NOT A CATHOLIC soup kitchen ) "I believe that if we each do our part we can build an economy that works for all of us and leaves something better for our children" - I can't begin to articulate the lunacy in those words juxtaposed over pictures of a soup kitchen where people are being GIVEN food instead of buying it with money they earned themselves. Instead, he should tout the fact that he has put nearly 47 million people (including many non-citizens) on food stamps and necessitated the doubling of participation in that program in less than 4 years. Indeed, that IS the kind of economy he wants - one that secures votes for him for the freebies he offers and leaves our children and grandchildren thousands of dollars in debt before they are even born.

-"I believe that even as we work hard to get ahead, we also have the obligation to reach back and help others get ahead too." This is a reasonable statement. But what he does not go on to say is that he believes that as we get ahead, the government has the obligation to take from the person who has more and redistribute it to the person who has less. Joe the Plumber got him to admit that.

Now come the screens with words, and no explanation of the assertions, no voice over or any mention of specifics.

-"President Obama significantly expanded funding to Catholic organizations that serve those in need." Such as? The soup kitchen was not Catholic. Name one Catholic organization. Maybe the Migrant and Refugees Committee of the USCCB? Oh, wait -- you CUT that funding completely a year ago over the Catholic program not providing abortions, as dictated by CATHOLIC HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellius.

 -[Picture of a nun in a habit smiling at Joe Biden with onlookers in background.] Biden calls himself a Catholic, but was this just a coffee-and-doughnuts session after Mass on Sunday? How does Biden help Catholics? He endorsed gay marriage before Obama did. Text on the screen says, "Created a President's Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships." He needs to also tell Catholics that that Council called for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 2011 so that one of its members could get state protection of her marriage to her same-sex partner. Another member once led a radical socialist group in Illinois. And I can find no mention of any CATHOLICS, much less those who honor Church teachings, ever being on the Advisory Council. Rather, the Council reportedly disbanded in March of 2010, after delivering one report.

-"Increased and extended the Adoption Tax Credit" - This is meaningless since Obama openly promotes abortion, refused to protect babies born as a result of botched abortions in Illinois, and thus does not believe in giving babies a chance to BE adopted! - In the picture on the screen, Obama visits a school called Valleyland and shakes hands with some of the children and adults, in Chatfield, MN. A little research will show this was a campaign stop. Obama did NOTHING of substance on this stop, and the school is public, NOT CATHOLIC. Indeed, catholic schools would be aided by vouchers, but Obama does not support vouchers for education, as evidenced by his cutting off vouchers for DC schools earlier this year.

-"Launched a new Pregnancy Assistance Fund" - Yes, he gives women all the means and encouragement to have sex whenever they want through his mandate for employers to pay for their sexual acts, thus assisting them with pregnancy when the condoms break. But he follows up with payments to his fundraising arms - Planned Parenthood and ACORN-spin-offs, which provide pregnant women with taxpayer funded abortions.

-"Established the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative" - There was plenty of "fatherhood initiative" long before Obama took office - as evidenced by all the children on the welfare rolls and the abortions being conducted.

-"We are all in this together as one people" - Yes, thanks to your failed policies and socialist mandates requiring that everyone pay for them!

 -"One American family... One nation... Under God..." No, you have divided us into factions: we are women against men, black against white, immigrant against citizen, Muslim against Christian against Jew, poor against rich, liberal against conservative, gay against straight, union members against right-to-work states, 99%-ers vs 1%-ers, public benefit recipients vs. taxpayers, evolutionists against creationists, socialists vs. capitalists,  green global warming alarmists against leave-my-lightbulbs-aloners.  You name it, Obama has divided us.

"I want you to know I've been so grateful for your prayers." And well he should be. Our country has needed them.

-"God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America" -- Yes, please, on November 6!!

-[Pop up buttons - "Sign Up" and "Donate"] Translation - Give me your money rather than go on a honeymoon.

Now tell me, after listening to the video and/or reading the transcript above, how many times in that 2 minute video did he say the word "Catholic"? That's right -- NONE! Not once, not even catholic with a small c. And this is his video to entice the Catholic vote? Appalling!

Just words... Just speeches... EMPTY speeches!

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