Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obama Knows Quid Pro Quo

Of the three major TV networks, ABC is the least offensive to me personally. They at least have connections to some media outlets that broadcast conservative programs like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. One of their reporters, Jake Tapper, does some impartial investigation from time to time. And another, Brian Ross, has a program that he calls "Money Trail." He was in Tampa last week, and here is a video that he recorded at one of the locations.

Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia was excellent in his response. But, you notice that some of them were reluctant to speak to Mr. Ross. I suspect they are not trained speakers and may have felt ambushed. I am not defending them (since there is nothing to defend), but there is another important thing to note. I will get back to it in a moment, but see if you can figure it out after watching the next video.

Last night Ross filed this "Money Trail" report on Democrat donors.  Pay attention also to host Diane Sawyer who interjects her own comments into the mix at the end. Listen for her remark about Tampa and her insistence that Ross was prevented from entering hotels during the RNC. She cannot stand it that her liberal friends and associates in the Democrat inner circle have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so she tries to minimize the scandal and accuse Republicans of the same thing. Her intro looks like she is seething beneath the surface as she has to speak the truth about the "Money Trail" that Ross is following.

Here is a transcript of the Ross-Sawyer exchange at the end of the report:

Ross: "The Democrats like to say they're different than Republicans, more open about the money. But in fact, like the Republicans the Democrats continue to keep secret he names of some of their biggest donors to outside advocacy groups, the head of one of those superfunds told me he does just what Karl Rove does, Diane."
Sawyer: "And you've been blocked in a lot of hotels in Tampa as well as Charlotte. Thanks so much, Brian."

She couldn't let the report stand as it was.

Now, back to the other thing that I  wanted you to notice about these two Brian Ross reports. Did you notice that every Obama donor got something in return for the donations that they either gave or bundled for him? Obama hands out jobs on a quid pro quo basis, to people who donate large amounts or bundle donations to make large amounts. Below are the givers-turned-getters mentioned in the Ross video.

Allan Katz was appointed Ambassador to Portugal because he raised over $500,000 and helped run Obama's Florida campaign. His appointment was awarded over the objections of numerous Portuguese organizations and legislators who wanted someone who has more experience working with the Portuguese in the U.S.

Nicole Y. Lamb-HaleNicole Lamb-Hale bundled between $200,000 and $500,000, so she was appointed "Assistant Secretary of Commerce in 2009. She was apparently a contemporary of Obama's at Harvard Law School, from which she graduated in 1991. 

Steve Spinner raised over $500,000 for Obama in 2008. His reward was job at Department of Energy. There he pushed for the $535million loan to now bankrupt Solyndra (which loan was never repaid to the American taxpayers). Spinner is the one who ran from Ross and his cameras in Charlotte. A Democrat party official blocked Ross and his cameraman from following Spinner.

Chicago stockbroker Rajiv Fernando also raised $500,000 for Obama, so he was named to the International Security Advisory Board. Ross said Fernando resigned after ABC News asked about his qualifications last year. Fernando has already donated well over $100,000 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, and thousands to Dick Durbin, Kristin Gillibrand, and other Democrat candidates all over the country.

Fernando is the one who refused to talk to Ross and put his hand in front of the camera. That's when the security or police ordered Ross to stop trying to talk to him, and told them they had to leave hotel or be arrested.

Now, thinking back to the Republican video at the top. How many of those people did Ross report had gotten jobs in exchange or as a reward for their donations or bundling? That's right -- none. Giving because you believe in a cause is different than giving because you expect to be rewarded in return, particularly with a job that is paid for by the American taxpayers.

Ross seems so concerned about the fact that people can give large amounts of money. Instead, he should be more concerned about the rewards that are being handed out in exchange. That is why we have so many incompetent people in this administration.

And Diane Sawyer should have pointed that out as hostess of the show. To paraphrase the has-been Dixie Chick, "I am ashamed the hostess for ABC is from Kentucky."

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