Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catholic Vote Will Make the Difference

How can any Catholic vote for Barack Obama? There is a good comparison of the positions of the candidates on the website. sent out the email below. If you are Catholic, please read it, go to the website, and pray diligently and with an open heart for God to guide your decision in the upcoming election. If you are not Catholic, please read it anyway, as the future of our country depends on November 6. We cannot take four more years of what will surely be even more intense division of people and suppression of religious rights.

Dear Friend of CV,

Obama is now leading in the polls -- with Catholic voters!
Obama is radically pro-abortion and has endorsed same-sex 'marriage.' His HHS mandate will bury every Catholic school, hospital and soup kitchen in an avalanche of fines if they dare to have a health care plan in harmony with Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person.

And yet a Gallup Poll has Obama at 47% with Catholics, compared to 45% for Romney.

We can't understand why any Catholic would vote for Obama.
But don't despair over these numbers. After all, Romney was leading with Catholic voters last month. The numbers are close and we can turn them around with prayer and hard work. This poll is our wake up call. Talk to family, friends and fellow parishioners about what's at stake in this election.

Many of you have asked us to compile a comparison of the candidates on the issues which matter most to Catholics.

The Research Team went to work and pored through the public statements and positions of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

We believe the choice is clear: Catholics should vote for Mitt Romney for President.

When compiling the records of the presidential candidates, we have life, marriage and religious liberty at the top of the list because these issues are foundational. And on life, marriage and religious liberty, Mitt Romney is immeasurably better than Barack Obama.
To view the candidates' positions on issues of importance to Catholics, visit:

-Josh, Kara, Thomas, Joe, Pat, Lauren, and the Team.

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