Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Owns Ya, Baby?

These two videos show why the country is in such a divided mess. If I did not know better, I would swear these were staged -- that actors were making fun of the Democrats. But sadly, and quite frighteningly, these video reports are very real and very un-staged. The first one is about the recent video that played at the Democratic National Convention containing the line, "The government is the only thing that we all belong to." Two reporters asked people at the convention hall and on the streets of Charlotte what they think about belonging to the government. Here is what they heard from people.

Is that not astonishing? It's great that the government OWNS us? Perhaps I should not be so amazed at that since the Democrat party clung to slavery in the form of segregation for well into the second half of the 20th century. So the fact that they still believe people can be owned is naturally part of the liberal psyche. I just never thought I would hear so many of them admit that they think slavery is a great thing and that they are proud of being owned by the government (which they aren't, but either think they are or wish they were).

The second video depicts equally ignorant people in Charlotte who are asked if corporations making profits should be outlawed or banned. Just listen to these Einsteins, and watch Van Jones run away. (Liberals do that a lot. Yesterday it was Steve Spinner, today Van Jones.)

Now, when you have about 20 minutes to spare, you have to watch the video below by the same fellow, Peter Schiff, who shot the video above. This one below was shot about a year ago in Zucotti Park in New York. It is another insightful study of what the Obama administration has successfully pounded into the brains of Americans over the last 4 years -- class warfare and anti-capitalism.

Although I am laughing at these people, I am sincerely trying to understand the mentality that these folks share. The fact that they can spout off liberal talking points shows that they are getting their brainwashing from the same place as the mainstream media -- or FROM the mainstream media, most likely.

I admire the calmness that Schiff maintains, as I would be berating these people or shaking them by the shoulders screaming "Wake up!"

You can listen to Peter Schiff's radio program online at

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