Thursday, November 15, 2012

Occupy Oprah: Redistribute Oprah's Wealth Now!

We keep hearing from Obama about the need to raise taxes and get more revenue for the federal government so they can continue to fund programs for the 47% of recipients of public benefits like SNAP (not the finger snap, but the free edible stuff formerly known as food stamps) .

I can show Barack Obama where he can get two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) tout de suite -- immediately -- tomorrow -- at the drop of a hat. He can take it from his great rich supporter -- billionairess Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah's farm: Her $2.7billion empire also includes acres of land in Maui, with a large farm and a bed and breakfast - an Oprah representative revealed her land and the new trademark go hand in hand
Oprah's Maui farm
The stories about Oprah's extravagant wealth are sickening! Who does she think she is? She ended her television show after 25 years of opulent living in Chicago, and now she is living a life of luxury in Hawaii and hoarding billions of dollars to herself. I call for an Occupy Oprah movement!@

Oprah used to give away freebies to the poor destitute women in her studio audience. But she stopped doing that when she quit her show and gave up on American women. Why isn't she re-distributing her wealth to the poor natives on the islands who live in poverty? She didn't build that empire. Someone else did!

I find Oprah's extravagant life-style abhorrent and her selfish display of wealth nauseating. She refuses to marry poor Steadman because she fears he just wants her money and would be entitled to half her empire when they divorce. 

Oprah's actual TP
Oprah's new TP
 Moreover,why won't she share her billions with the 99.99% of Americans who have less than her? Now reports are that she is creating new ways to deceive the adoring public and rip them off of their hard-earned public benefit dollars. How? She is putting out organic food and toilet paper, charging astronomical prices for Oprah hand towels and Oprah-faced toilet paper for fans to wipe their ... backsides.

At least she is too old to have to worry about getting pregnant and having to be burdened with a Baby Oprah. Of course, she could now use government-funded birth control if she was of child-bearing years. Or if, god-forbid she got pregnant, she could pay for well over 5,000,000 abortions. So she, like Obama's daughter's, will never have to worry about being punished with a child.

What? You think I am jealous of Oprah's business savvy and her obscene accumulation of wealth? Not true. And if you think so, you are a Racist!


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