Friday, November 2, 2012

Update On Brainwashed Obama Children Video Yanked from You Tube

The spooky video that I wrote about a few days ago that shows children performing a robotic song about blaming their parents for the mess the country is in has been yanked from You Tube. If you go to the link, you get a message saying the video is "private." Here is what the video screen looked like here on my blog a few days ago:

And here is what you get now when you go to the You Tube page:

The lyrics are still on my original posting. Reading them doesn't have the same affect as hearing the little robots sing the song, but you can get the gist of their brainwashing.

One of the people who re-posted the video and then had it removed, justrandomguy1977, did this follow-up video to express his outrage that the brainwashed kids video was removed.

I am waiting to see if they also yank the disgusting foul-mouthed-old-supporters-of-Obama video. These liberals are so out of touch that they post things, then when they start getting overwhelming backlash from Americans, they yank them and pretend like they do not know anything.  Liberal = Laughable = Loser!


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