Sunday, November 11, 2012

At a Loss for Words -- For a While

This has been a tough week. But as a new week begins, and I come to grips in my mind with what the next four years hold, I am proud to post here an original piece of poetry that my 13-year-old stepdaughter wrote for her English class. I think she did an excellent job. The class had to describe a person, and the rest of the class will guess who it is. Can you figure it out?

Illinois woman gives birth to a country boy
Father nicknames him Dutch

Grandson of Irish Catholics

He is baptized as a Disciple of Christ

He broadcasts football

Soon signs with Warner Brothers

Fifth most popular star of the younger generation

Ladies love him
Becomes Governor of California
Balances the budget

Everybody loves him

The economy collapses

The nation looks for help

They elect him as commander in chief

Second term
"Morning in America"


All but Minnesota

Death comes upon a great leader
Every one misses the country boy

The man who changed the world

Would that we had him back again . . . 


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