Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nuns Throw Catholics Under the Bus

What a disgrace! I just saw that my former parish, where my younger step-daughter still goes to school, hosted a "Nuns-on-the-Bus" stop recently. The message these women preach is so anti-Catholic-teaching that I am deeply disturbed. They make up their own interpretations and try to pass them off as Catholic social teaching. Yet they ignore the right to LIFE, the most fundamental teaching of Christ.

The misleading teachings of these nuns are a disgrace to the People of God, particularly Catholics. Luckily, there were some faithful Catholics in the vicinity of St. Charles that day, and they who were able to express the Truth and let the world know that not every Catholic in Northern Virginia has been brainwashed to believe that Obama is the Savior in place of Jesus Christ.

Long live the Believers!!


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