Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Employers Get the Shaft under Obamacare

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Since employers with the designated number of employees are now required under Obamacare to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs for female employees, should those employers not be able to deny female employees leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for pregnancy?

I mean, the employers are paying for them to NOT get pregnant, so why shouldn't they have a choice in whether to pay for maternity leave? Why does the woman get all the choices – the ONLY choices? She gets to choose whether or not to avail herself of the devices and drug and procedures, whether or not to use them, whether or not to have the child, whether or not to keep the child, and how many weeks to take off after giving birth to the child.

The employer has NO choices whatsoever. The employer cannot hire only men because that would be discriminatory. The employer MUST pay for the insurance coverage. The coverage MUST have all those "goodies" for women in it that HHS has mandated. The employer MUST leave it up to the woman whether or not to "choose to use" the goodies. The employer MUST give the woman up to 12 weeks of time off if she gives birth. The employer CANNOT replace the woman in her job during those 12 weeks. The employer MUST walk on eggshells while waiting to hear from the woman whether or not she is going to come back after FMLA is up.

I am a woman. What happened to "freedom of choice"?? Obamacare is just plain UNFAIR.... But naturally, Obama doesn't care.


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