Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ohio Rocks Romney/Ryan Rally!

I am so proud of my sister and her fiance. They live in West Chester, Ohio, and last night they braved the elements and joined the crowd of 30,000 at the Rally with the Stars. She sent me pictures today, so I am posting some of them here.

John McCain speaks to the crowd.

Governor John Kasich adds his support. (My Governor, Bob McDonald, was there also.)

Rob Portman, a little blurry, but he's a hero for meticulously preparing Romney for the debates!

Ohio's homeboy, John Boehner, who lives not far from my sis and Tom. They have volunteered at his office.

The next Vice President, Paul Ryan!

And the next Commander in Chief, Mitt Romney!

A few of the other notable personalities I could pick out.
This truly was an all-star line-up. Tomorrow (Sunday) two of Romney's sons, Ben and Tagg, will be in my neck of the woods. I think I will pay a visit to their rally. Then on Monday, Romney is having one of his final rallies a few miles out at George Mason University. I will be working the polls on Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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