Saturday, November 3, 2012

What About Joe? Fast-Talking Biden Soon to Take a (Permanent) Vacation

Yesterday, Joe Biden was criticized in some news reports for saying that there has not been a day in four years that he has been proud to be President Obama's vice president. I listened repeatedly to the tape, and on this one, I have to disagree with critics. Take a listen.

I think in this instance, Joe was speaking quickly, a speech habit that afflicts me all too often. I feel certain he said "I haven't been proud" rather than "I have been proud." He used a double negative.

Later, Joe also implied that he is being forced to take a vacation after the election is over.

That little soundbite reminded me of a scene from the classic movie "What About Bob?" Remember when Dr. Marvin gives Bob the prescription telling him to take a vacation from his problems? As you listen, just replace "Bob" with "Joe." It fits!

Perhaps Joe will take a vacation to Disney World, where he will be right at home with other Looney Toons characters.

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