Sunday, November 18, 2012

Florida Teen Plans Against Parenthood, Murders Newborn

I first saw this story of a young teenager in Florida last month. It must have been in the days leading up to the election, because I would have written about it otherwise.
Cassidy Goodison
Not long ago, a fourteen-year-old girl named Cassidy Goodison was arrested and charged with murder in the death of her newborn child. Cassidy had become pregnant and, fearing that her parents would be mad, kept it a secret. She wore baggy clothes and blamed her weight gain on her becoming a young woman. Her parents bought it.

Sadly, when the day came for the baby to enter the world, Cassidy was not prepared to be a mother.  In the quiet of her home bathroom, she sat on the toilet and began to give birth. By her own admission, she used a pair of scissors to pry the baby from the birth canal, leaving several cuts in her vagina. When the baby was fully outside of her body, Cassidy cut off his air supply and strangled him to death. Then she placed his body in a shoebox and hid it in her bedroom.

Later, when her mother discovered the remnants of blood in the toilet, Cassidy admitted that she had been pregnant, but stated that she had miscarried and flushed the "fetus" down the toilet. Cassidy explained everything on video.

Now Cassidy is in jail, having been charged as an adult with murder.

What is astonishing to me is not what happened to this baby or what the teen mother did. It is the fact that no one is acknowledging the real crime in all of this. It is the abortion-supporting American public who should be charged with murder in this case.

It is organizations like Planned Parenthood and Code Pink (of "It's My Vagina" fame) and NARAL and NOW that should be indicted, along with Barack Obama and every politician and celebrity who have ever made public statements like "Keep your laws off my body." I hope Sandra Fluke and Cecily Rhodes and Ashley Judd and Nancy Pelosi and all the other women who clamor for women to kill their babies are proud of the influence they had on young Cassidy Goodison. She was only following their lead, since she was pregnant and did not want the child. They have been telling women for decades now to "Just kill it."

Here is what I envision a Planned Parenthood executives saying in a press release on this story:
Partial birth abortion procedure.
For graphic true photos, Google it.
"The problem here is that Miss Goodison did not come to us. We could have helped her. She waited too long. Just a few minutes earlier and we could have shown her how to deliver the baby feet first, then take those scissors, insert them gingerly into the vagina (since it's hers), and jab the pointed ends up into the base of the back of the baby's brain. This is a procedure we loving call partial-birth-abortion. Miss Goodison made the mistake of giving FULL birth before snuffing out her fetus's life. Those few minutes would have made the difference between 'choice' and 'crime.' Let this be a lesson to girls everywhere. Come see us at Planned Parenthood as soon as you know you are pregnant. We will, at no cost to you, wipe out all your fears and take care of that pesky fetus. Again -- no cost to you -- the government will take care of all costs, at the taxpayers' expense. So come early, and come often. We'll be waiting."
Sadly Miss Goodison will never see her Good Son grow up. Thanks to Planned Parenthood, Kathleen Sebellius, "pro-choicers," and a society which promotes and pays for the killing of unwanted innocent Children of God.