Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Spooky Video of Brainwashed Children Supporting Obama

[UPDATE 11/2/12: This video has been removed from You Tube. Likewise, all re-postings have also been removed. It seems the video got such negative reviews it was hurting Obama, so it was yanked. See my Update Post here. The lyrics are still below. I am waiting to see if the foul-mouthed-old-poeple video by George Soros and Michael Moore is yanked also. As of this afternoon it is still playing....]

What kind of parents would let their children participate in a video like this? I have written about the brainwashing of our children that is taking place under the fascist Obama regime. Apparently a lot of loony Americans have parented robots to spew their hateful, lie-laced rhetoric. What is scary is that the parents of these emotionless children may believe the falsehoods they wrote for their children to regurgitate. These kids can have no idea what they are saying. In case you have trouble understanding the mumbo jumbo, the lyrics are below, along with the names of the children and their Communist parents.

Luckily, the vast majority of people who have expressed an opinion on this video have vote it "disliked."
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Lyrics: [Italics are those of Concerned Catholic Voter]
Imagine an America
Where strip mines are fun and free
Where gays can be fixed
And sick people just die [No, death panels will make that determination under Obamacare]
And oil fills the sea [If we keep Obama in office, you won't have to imagine anything. Catastrophe will hit America before you kiddos turn 18 and have a vote!]

We don't have to pay for freeways!
Our schools are good enough
Give us endless wars
On foreign shores
And lots of Chinese stuff [Yes, Obama is selling America to the Chinese every day!]

We're the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And we're kinda blaming you

We haven't killed all the polar bears
But it's not for lack of trying  [Then why is it?]
Big Bird is sacked   [Obama is obsessed wit Big Bird - what did HE ever do for BB?]
The Earth is cracked   [No, Obama is on crack!]
And the atmosphere is frying   [Al Gore leaves his imprint -- he is the one who is fried]

Congress went home early   [No, they recess at this time each year.]
They did their best we know
You can't cut spending
With elections pending
Unless it's welfare dough   [The word is dole, not dough]

We're the children of the future [NO, you are the children of the PRESENT. In the future you will be adults. And if your folks keep voting for Obama, you will not have a future!]
American through and through  [Just like Obama?]
But something happened to our country  [Yes, in 2008, something catastrophic happened.]
And we're kinda blaming you  [Yes, blame your parents. You are too young to blame Bush.]

Find a park that is still open
And take a breath of poison air  [What the heck are you talking about? Central Park, for example? It has been under Democrat control for the majority of its existence.]
They foreclosed your place
To build a weapon in space
But you can write off your au pair  [I don't have an au pair -- these children must have one since they know what it is. Obviously their folks are the ones who are feeding them the BS.]

It's a little awkward to tell you
But you left us holding the bag
When we look around
The place is all dumbed down   [Yes, under Obama the educational system has suffered -- a true indictment]
And the long term's kind of a drag

We're the children of the future
American through and through
But something happened to our country
And yeah, we're blaming you

You did your best
You failed the test

Mom and Dad
We're blaming you!   [They got this right -- blame your Democrat liberal progressive parents for electing Obama!]

Credits list:

Kids: [What? No last names? You want them to deliver the fascist message but not be accountable to answer questions about whether they understand what they are saying? This is tantamount to child abuse!]
Andrés, Aramé, Ariel, Ava, Bailey, Benjamin, Brandon, Bryn, Carmen, Claire, Damien, Daniel, Delphina, Desi, Dylan, Emi, Emma, Eric, Evelyn, Isaak, Lana, Michael, Nathan, Nora, Rachel, Ratu, Ryan, Vincenzo, Zachary.

Adults: [Undoubtedly pseudonyms. These people are exploiting children and Obama approves. Pathetic and criminal are the two words that come to mind.]
Dave Baker, Ty Bardi, Sue Bohlin, Norman Bonney, Bess Cocke, Nicholas DeMatteo, Yair Evnine, Whitney Ferris, Jeff Goodby, Tim Green, Bob Henningsen, Sam Houser, Erik Johnson, Genevieve McCarty, David Michel Ruddy, Quinn Moticka, Alison Plansky, Todd Porter, Thomas Ruge, Alvin Shen, Rich Silverstein, Jaime Szefc, Nathan T Walk

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