Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama Even Brainwashes (Foul-Mouthed) Seasoned Citizens

We have seen some shameful videos put out by Obama's supporters in recent days. He has the women who sing abut their vaginas, and the young robots who blame their parents for voting for Obama and getting us into the messes we are in now, and the chick who compares voting for Obama to having sex for the first time. This video is yet another indication that the Democrats are Desperate (with a capital D).

Once again the poster has disabled the comments for this video. The Democrats do not want people to express what they think about it. They know it would be completely negative feedback. This video is a George Soros production from Moveon.org. If you are not familiar with who he and the organization are, then you have not been paying attention. Let's just say the name "Spooky Dude" has been attributed to Soros, and it is very apropos. Soros is Obama's puppet-master.

The Democrats seem to think that shock value from foul-mouthed old people will persuade people to vote for Obama. Hearing a 98-year-old woman say "Mother fucker" does not sway me in Obama's direction whatsoever. Nor does an old woman saying she will hit and kick Mitt Romney in the "balls" if he wins.

What I find extraordinary in the video is that they say that a Romney win means he stole the election. These old folks must live in a home that only plays MSNBC or CNN on the TV. God help them all. They deserve a long and happy death life.

By the way, that is George Soros himself in the video at about the 1:15 mark.


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