Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Meany Pants Mitt" versus "The Smirk"

After last night's Presidential debate, which was won overwhelmingly by Mitt Romney, the DNC had to find something negative to use as fodder for a new ad attacking Mitt Romney. Here is the devastating new ad (yes, I am being facetious, and no, it's not an SNL preview for this week's show -- it's a REAL DNC ad) called "Mitt Romney: What a Guy."

That's almost as desperate as Al Gore suggesting that Obama's incompetence was a result of the altitude of the Mile-high city! Gore exposed himself with this completely moronic suggestion!

The RNC, on the other hand, immediately came out with a truly devastating new ad called simply "Smirk."

Only one of these men looked like he deserves to be the Chief Executive. . . the Commander in Chief and . . . the Leader of the Free World. And it was not the man who currently holds those positions. Last night, the Emperor was exposed, not by an innocent child, but by a true Patriot.

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