Monday, October 8, 2012

SNL Debate Parody Actually Worth Watching

I am coming to you today from the Windy City. While waiting for my flight, I came across this video and was shocked. It is actually a pretty funny parody that was on Saturday Night Live two nights ago. I never watch SNL, so the only way I see any skits from it is if someone sends it to me or Drudge links to it. This one was worth embedding.

I love the portrayals of Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews. Niely done on S.E. Cupp. The Rachel Maddow imitation was too subtle. By the way, did you ever see this high school photo of Rachel Maddow? Interesting, huh?

Here's hoping the Veep debate this Tursday night gives the SNL crew plenty of Biden gaffes to work into a skit next Saturday. I'll be watching Thursday Night Live!

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