Thursday, August 16, 2012

I May Not Have Built It, But I Can Say "NO!"

Joe Biden has been in the news in recent days for innumerable gaffes. Two days ago he made racist comments at a campaign event in Danville, Virginia, mocking a southern accent and telling the largely black audience that Mitt Romney was "going to put ya'll back in chains." Then yesterday he indicated he thinks we are still living in the 20th century when he said, "Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?" He was at an event in Blacksburg, Virginia.

But my favorite Biden story came on the tails of that Blacksburg visit yesterday. It seems a local businessman in Radford, Virginia refused to allow the Biden campaign to come into his mom-and-pop bakery for a photo and media op. What a brave and principled man.

Chris McMurray of Crumb and Get It Bakery

I hope Mr. McMurray's business booms. In fact, after he refused Biden's visit, several Secret Service agents came in and bought pastries! Now that IS impressive! We may have to take a trip out to Radford this weekend to get a doughnut at Mr. McMurray's bakery. Then for lunch we'll find a Chick-Fil-A!

And speaking of exercising free speech rights, the Virginia baker was in good stead with a fellow small businessman in Iowa. Deli owner Ross Murty, who co-owns his business with another man, was corralled into catering an Obama event yesterday when his partner, who himself was out of town, gave the okay for the event. Murty said he and his partner in the business have opposite political beliefs, so his partner left him holding the bag when it came to the Obama event. Mr. Murty said that although he disagreed with Obama's "you didn't build that" small business comments last week, he would not refuse the business. Instead, he decided to exercise his free speech rights and express his contrary opinion. He wore a t-shirt that clearly expressed his disagreement with the President's assertion that he did not build his business.

Ross Murty of Village Corner Deli
I have renewed hope in my fellow countrymen after hearing these stories. November cannot come soon enough!

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