Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Call Me . . . Maybe?

Here's a change-of-pace posting. Like millions around the world, I've been watching the Olympics off and on for the last 10 days. It brings back memories of my childhood when the two-weeks of sporting events every fourth summer dominated my young life. I would be glued to the TV at nights, watching the U.S. athletes with awe and inspiration. The swimming athletes were especially a marvel to me since I did not learn to swim until I was 22 years old.

That's why I smiled today when I first saw this viral video of members of the U.S. swim team singing along to the little ditty called "Call Me Maybe" that has taken the nation by storm. I am glad to see the athletes enjoying themselves and relaxing together. God bless them all!

That contagious little song has transcended national boundaries, as I can attest first hand. Some of the youth that went to Haiti with my 17-year-old and me in June taught the ditty to Haitian youth, who generally speak no English. But they caught on nonetheless, and it was a jolly good time as they laughed and sang, "Call me maybe."

It is true that music can transcend almost any barrier. I hope and pray that some there is music in our country's future -- "Amerca the beautiful" works for me!

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