Thursday, August 30, 2012

Code Pinko Shows Its True Colors

So two days ago, on Tuesday of this week, the group known as Code Pink posted a You Tube video of some of their members singing a song about taking their vaginas to the Republican National Convention. The only reason I post it here is so that anyone who views it can be disgusted (as any sane person is) at the infantile behavior of these "women." Their organization started off as an anti-war group, but has devolved into a bunch of ... well, "sluts," whose message has become so senseless that I cannot comprehend what they claim to want. Making an obscene spectacle of themselves is all they are achieving.

When I first saw this video, I wanted to say "Your mothers must be proud of you." Then I realized the mothers are right there in the video dancing along with the self-absorbed Pinkies." These women are doing such a disservice to women in this country. They want to paint us all with the same brush that created them and make us all look like them -- a bunch of histrionic, self-absorbed narcissists pretending to be vaginas. <shaking my head>

Obviously one member of Code Pink took this song's message to heart. Last night she infiltrated the convention and rudely disrupted the speech of Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan. I was watching on C-Span, and saw the woman only fleetingly. Luckily she was escorted away quickly, and the crowd chanted "USA" to successfully drown her out. But in the video of her despicable behavior you can see that she is holding a banner that almost certainly says "It's my vagina," which has become the battle cry of these hate-filled immoral women. Naturally, we can presume they are saving their real attack for tonight when Mitt Romney accepts the nomination. No worries. They will only accomplish one thing: harming the Democrats with their shenanigans. And that's a good thing.

I guess I should try to understand these women. But that would require me to first believe. And I do not believe anythig about them or what they espouse. They only serve to strengthen the case for liberal women to go back to the kitchen, where they can put on their pink aprons and pop their birth control pills. And they should shut and lock their doors behind them so we don't have to hear them sing about their vaginas. Please.

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