Saturday, August 25, 2012

2016: Will Obama Destroy America?

Last night we went to see the movie I have been waiting for-- 2016: Obama's America. My initial reaction was "Wow." Not "Wow!" but "Wow." That's not to say I did not like the movie. On the contrary. It was so profound that it continues to send chills through me. I even had dreams last night that had a basis in the movie.

What this movie did for me is reinforce that we are living in dangerous times. I have never thought that before about any time in our history that I have been alive. But it has become visceral in the last year. It is more than an aura or a feeling or a sense. It is REAL. The movie brings that to life for me, and does what I have been unable to do until now -- it makes sense of the last four years.

There were only a few things in the movie that were news to me. One was that Lolo Soetoro was a pro-government Indonesian, and that Obama's mother left him because of that. She was an avowed Communist like Obama's father, and she wanted Soetoro to join the rebels in Indonesia, not the pro-Western-world faction that he supported. Another piece I was unaware of was that he had a professor in college (at Columbia, I think it was) named Unger, who was also an avowed Communist whom Obama was close to. I knew about the other Communist figures in his life, but not Unger.

What D'Souza's movie did for me was to bring all of the pieces of a puzzle together into a coherent picture. Moreover, it gave meaning to the picture by connecting the dots. Clearly Obama's disdain for America stems from his history of growing up around people who believe(d) America is a colonialist power that needs to be brought to its knees. Clearly, he is working to do just that. And he is surrounded with enablers who are still willingly under his spell. The only thing standing in his/their way is WE the people, who have been able to elect Congressmen and Senators who can still deflect his agenda. He still finds ways around it though, as he has with immigration and healthcare and other items on his destructive agenda. He issues Executive orders to do indirectly what he cannot do directly. The only way to stop him is to vote him out in November.

Please, God, let people see this movie and wake up to the America that 2016 will be if we do not take a different path in November. Please let us defeat Obama. Amen. 

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