Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Savage Bully

I have previously written abut the hypocrisy of many on the left in this country, as have many other writers. This story I just read is so amazingly illustrative of that hypocrisy that it needs to be viewed by every adult Christian with children in high school. This is the kind of stuff that high schools in this country are subjecting children to these days -- bullies who come in to bully kids into not bullying. It is despicable and shameful.

As the story on Fox News Radio website points out, this man was supposed to be talking about NOT bullying, but he proceeded to bully Christian students who exercised their right to NOT listen to his lunacy, while other students cheered him on. God bless the young people who stood up (literally) for their beliefs and refused to be bullied by the hypocrite (Dan) Savage bully.


  1. This guy shouldn't have been chosen to speak to a group of young students. Maybe he's doing good with his anti-bullying campaign, but his history indicates that he may not be entirely appropriate for children. I admire those who stood up and left. Politics aside perhaps, no one should feel trapped and attacked for their beliefs whether it's by Dan Savage speaking his mind off-topic, or by Christ Christie publicly berating citizens.