Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caine Is Able!!

I just came across this story that has been dubbed "Caine's Arcade" because it is the name that the little boy in California, Caine, has given to his "business." This is a brilliant, heart-warming story on so many levels. It is a must-see because, whether the boy and his family and the media agree or not, it is the story of capitalism and hard-work and innovation and determinism and the entrepreneurial spirit. Kudos to the boy's father for teaching him the most valuable lessons of life -- how to do things for himself!

The video is 11 minutes long, but it is worth watching and reflecting on.

Now, having praised the story and the little boy and his father, I would be remiss in failing to point out a couple of troublesome things about this story. Maybe my ten siblings are the only ones who will understand where I am coming from, but here goes.

(1) What is it that is so amazing about this little boy's actions? We used to build grocery stores and other shops and houses in our parents' back yard, and we held gymnastic meets and beauty contests and talent shows, and we constructed our own furniture for Barbie and Ken and their many friends, and we sewed our own clothes for our dolls, and we played school and made our own tests and fake blackboards. I could go on and on. We would never have dreamed of having a media bonanza over our creations. Caine, the little boy in the story, is an anachronism. Or maybe it is his father who is the anachronism for allowing his son to use his imagination and not feeling the need to buy him electronics and other distractions to keep him occupied.

(2) A man named Mr. Elwin has offered Caine a pinball machine for his store. Now, I know Mr. Elwin means well, but what does this say to Caine? "Your inventions are good, but the  real thing is better"? He is 9 years old, for goodness sake. It was a lovely gesture, but I am not sure I condone it.

(3) I am troubled that someone has set up a "scholarship fund" for Caine. It appears people have donated over $125,000 to it already. My goodness! Caine is an entrepreneur, People! He will earn enough money to put himself through college. A better idea (suggested by a comment-poster on the You Tube link) is to donate small toys that Caine can use as prizes in his venture. Then he could earn the money and put it aside for himself. That's a much better idea. Don't reward, encourage!!

(4) The final troubling thing . . . $1.00 for 4 plays, and $2.00 for 500? Maybe Caine needs another lesson in running a business. I think some liberalism may have crept in! He IS in California, after all.


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