Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fox Mole Gets BUSTED!

I am not a fan of Anderson Cooper. Not any more anyway. I used to be. That was 11 years ago when he hosted a reality show called The Mole. I LOVED that show. I only watched the first two seasons, when Anderson hosted. After that I was not interested. Eventually, I lost interest in Anderson all together, when he became a CNNophile.

I had not thought of that show in years, until yesterday. That's when I somehow came across a story on Gawker, which website I never read, but still the story came to my  attention. Maybe a mole planted it in my browser. Anyway, in the Gawker article, the author claimed he was a current employee of Fox News channel who had worked there for 8 years. He admitted he is a liberal and said that he has hated his job since day one. He wrote about how he has the goods on all the employees at Fox and is going to deliver them on Gawker while continuing to work at Fox.He was dubbed the Fox Mole.

The first scoop he delivered was a lame piece on Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney having a conversation, thinking they were off-camera. What did they talk about that warranted such grandiose exposure? They talked about (drum roll) riding horses. That's right. Going horseback riding. The Mole tried to make it sound like this was so scandalous. He even had a video of the conversation. It was such mole-arkey that I was left thinking -- is this a late April Fool's joke? He promised to deliver more such scandalous reports on Gawker.

So just now I saw a Yahoo story saying that the Fox Mole got busted! They caught him. It took less than 24 hours. My mom has scads of moles in her yard. I wish we could catch them this quickly. What a mo(le)ron this guy was!

The Mole confirmed that he was the traitor in a Gawker piece this afternoon. The most interesting thing about today's story is the Discussion Threads portion! Even the liberals tell this guy he is a Loser! Speaking of moles and losers...
Michael Mole

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