Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Ellason Christine . . .

This afternoon my mom sent me a text message. My niece Ariel had her baby today. My oldest brother (the oldest of 11 of us siblings) is now a grandpa. My mom is a great-grandma.

What a wonderful gift is the life of a baby. Ariel could have decided differently. She could have said it would be inconvenient, or embarrassing, or cumbersome, or unwanted, or unaffordable, or any other excuse and purged her body of this precious life that some liberals would deem to be an "inconvenient truth." But Ariel chose LIFE. I am proud of Ariel, and I ask God to bless her and my first GREAT-NIECE, Ellason Christine.

So, God bless Ariel's brother, my nephew Zeb, who will be home on leave from his Army assignment in South Korea. Keep him safe as he comes to meet his beautiful, God-given first-niece.

And, God bless my big brother. He is a great dad and brother, and a wonderful man in general. And I think of Great-grandpa Max, who is in Heaven looking out for all of us. He must be proud.

Our family now adds another special birthday to the other 8 in April so far. Add two anniversaries--and (usually) Easter--and April is the month of constant celebration! Life is GREAT! I hope that the future for Ellason will be bright -- come November, we have to make sure that she has a chance for a future full of joy!

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