Friday, April 6, 2012

The time has come for the Second Amendment...

A female friend of mine and I are seriously thinking about getting guns for our home. She is contacting a shooting range for us to go and practice, to get a feel for the type of gun that we want to get. It makes sense to for us to get similar guns so we can compare notes in the future, and maybe buy our ammunition in bulk. I just came across an article that talks about buying your first gun.

Why do I want a gun. Well, I think that the last three years speak for themselves. I truly believe that if, God forbid, the president gets re-elected, we are headed for some kind of suppression of Second Amendment rights. And if we have to take to the streets to protect our families and homes, then we want to be prepared,

I am going to look at a Glock.

The Sig Sauer might be an option, especially since Sauer is my maiden name.

There is much to learn, and I do not take this lightly. I will pray about it. And when I make my choice, it will be with my husband's blessing. And our children will be informed and cautioned and educated and taught what this means for all of us to have this dangerous element in our home.

I welcome comments from you if you have experience with buying your first gun.

I will pray very hard that we never have to use the one that we eventually choose to bring into our home.

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