Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three isn't always a crowd, but is four?

So, today I had the day off since we close our office for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. It is kind of a mini-vacation for us. I slept in for a little bit this morning, but since Hubby had to get up and get ready for work, I was awake earlier than I would have liked. Add to that a sore throat (from Spring allergies) and I was up and about by 7:15. But that was well and good since I had lots on my agenda to accomplish today.

Since I was alone, I ventured over to a little dive called Linda's Cafe for breakfast. We get coupons monthly, and this little place has had coupons in the mix for months now. Hubby has never expressed an interest, so I decided to be adventurous and use the discount breakfast coupon. There was one other person in the joint when I got there. The food was pretty good, and I managed to read a chapter in Mark Levin's newest book Ameritopia. Wow! This should be required reading in all levels of education -- especially college. I will tell you more about it later. This is a blog entry about my day off, so I don't want to interrupt it with reality.

Back at the ranch, I completed my passport application, located my marriage certificate, researched the filing fees, and wrote out the check to cover the fees. I had to send it for expedited service as I am going to chaperone our daughter's Medical Missionaries' trip to Haiti in June. A relatively quick trip to the post office ensued, and I was able to mail the application and arrive back home by 9:30.

A short time later, our 17 year-old showed up with her mom's three dogs. We are going to dog-sit for a couple of days while her mom and younger sister go to Hershey Park. Two of the dogs are regulars at our house, so they are familiar with things.

Robby Jonas

Riley Grace
Dog number 3, Buffy, only recently came to live with them and is new to everything at our house. I was worried that she would not "fit in" with the three of us (Robby, Riley and me). That was needless. Buffy was a bit wary of me at first, but she warmed up and made herself at home quickly. Her comfort in her surroundings manifested itself most conspicuously in her affinity for digging. She is a dachshund, so she has that tendency. After she dug three holes in my back yard that I am in the process of manicuring, I finally had to tether her to a big tree. It is the tree that I am planning to build a flower box around before the month is out. Grass will not grow around it, and its roots protrude like appendages through the moss. So, she was free to dig to her hearts content. And she did.
The tree on left is THE tree

Later, the three dogs and I went for a walk around the block. I have often walked the two original dogs, Riley (a miniature schnauzer) and Robby (a Maltese), so the three of us manage well. However, THREE dogs + me was questionable. I was planning just to go up a dead-end street around the corner from our house and then come back home. But the four of us managed so well that I decided to follow Riley's lead and go around the full block on our usual route. That's a pretty good trek for a little dog, much less a dachshund with 3 inch legs!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well things went. Sure, managing three leashes is a bit more challenging than a mere two, but Buffy kept up quite well. We conquered the neighborhood hills and maneuvered through the maze of stairs at the high school next door. The thirty-minute walk was invigorating! And the best part was that Buffy was initiated into my theory that if I wear their little puppy backsides out, they will finally conk out and give me a few minutes of peace for myself! A picture is worth a thousand words!

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