Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"One Nation Under Socialism"

We hear people, especially politicians and atheists, talk about "separation of church and state." Both sides use this phrase to support their claims or positions. Did you know the U.S. Constitution does not use that phrase at all? Nope, it never says anything about "church" at all. The First Amendment contains two freedoms related to religion -- freedom OF religion and freedom FROM state-imposed religion. The current president is trashing the Constitution in so many respects, which is ironic since he taught "Con Law" to law school students. (Boy, I'd like to see what those students had to say to get an A!)

Today I came across an artist who blends religion and politics in his artwork. His latest painting is pretty imaginative. (See below) He says there are a lot of nuances or subtleties in the painting that he has not yet revealed. I notice there is no wedding ring. Go to and look for the "New Video" posting to hear the artist talk about the piece. The article that linked to McNaughton's art was a local D.C. CBS station. I was surprised they ran the story.

[UPDATE 3/27/2012: The artist has a You Tube video about the painting that is also powerful. And McNaughton has posted on his Facebook page that Sean Hannity bought the painting last night -- Sean just announced it on his radio show also.]

More irony in the artist's name is that the "McNaughton rule" is learned by all law students (criminal law) because it is the predecessor of the "insanity defense." It came about in the case of Daniel M'Naghten (often spelled McNaughton) almost 170 years ago when M'Naghten tried to kill the British Prime Minister but was acquitted because his lawyers claimed he was insane. There is no connection between the artist McNaughton and the M'Naghten of history. But we lawyers tend to make associations when we hear key phrases and names!

By the way, for an excellent FREE course on the U.S. Constitution (which should be required for all voters in this country), go to Hillsdale College's website.