Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"180" The Movie - A Must See

The issue of abortion has been used by liberals for almost 40 years now to strangle those of us who hold life to be a sacred gift from God. The Left screams about women's "reproductive rights" and demands that abortion, birth control, and sterilization be provided free of charge to women. As a woman, I am deeply offended by the Left's demeaning and disgusting demands. This short 33-minute movie should be required viewing for every adult who exercises the right to vote in this country.

The producer of this movie advertised it months ago by saying that he could completely change your mind about abortion if you were pro-choice. All it would take was 30 minutes, and abortion advocates would do a 180. He did not have to change my mind, but his video reinforces what I already knew to be the truth. This is a video that is well worth the time to watch and to pass along to abortion advocates and pro-lifers as well.

Basketball and CNN have their 360s, We the People now have our 180. Action!

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