Saturday, March 24, 2012

More from our undocumented resident alien -- no not Obama....

It's more from Mark Steyn! This article of his from earlier this month had me shouting out "Yes!" as I read it and punching the air like I was sparring with an invisible Dimmocrat. I can think of a few Lib-Dims I would like to spar with - without gloves and no headgear!

Seriously though. Pass this article on to everyone you know. It is a very insightful encapsulation of the downward spiral this country is in with regard to religious freedom. I have worked nearly all of my adult life in church-related jobs. I have seen the slow but steady abdication of responsibility of religious leaders to the secular arena. I do not know what possesses smart men (yes, men, because that is who leads the Church -- just a fact of life) to think that they can demand encourage the government to takeover on responsibility for healthcare coverage, but then bellyache bemoan the fact that the government is (more than) willing but only on their own terms. Go figure!

Don't get me wrong. I completely agree with the Bishops in their assertion that the government is wrong to mandate coverage for birth control and sterilization and all the other  "goodies" that Der Kamissar Sebelius has decided is best for us women. But when you turn over the chicken coop to the foxes, it's a little too late to then say, "But please don't eat the chickens."

I just pray that the Bishops pray that God will intervene. This is one time that I will throw caution to the wind and am not concerned about being careful what I wish for! It can't get much worse than it already is!

Note: Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 26-28) are three of the most important days of hearings that the Supreme Court will ever have. The fate of this country is truly in the hands of those nine justices. I send up prayers to God to be in their hearts and minds also. They are gonna need it?

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