Sunday, March 25, 2012

Global warming, climate change, or just natural occurrence? Welcome to Babel.

March 24, 2012
If Al Gore should visit my front yard this week, would he tell me that my carbon footprint can be seen in my flower bed where my beautiful tulips burst forth in all their glory in the middle of this past week in March?

A few weeks ago, my stepdaughter came home from high school to tell us that her school had an assembly that day to listen to a speaker who talked about climate change. She did not recall much of the talk, except that at the end the speaker attempted to offered a sad plea for his daughters to see polar bears in the future. A quick check of the school's website revealed that the speaker was Michael Mann. Yes, the same fraud-perpetrating-so-called scientist-who-has-been-scamming-the-world-for-years-in-order-to-push-an-agenda Michael Mann. My stepdaughter had no idea who the guy was, so that was a bit of a relief. He did NOT impress her. (In my last blog entry, I said she has a good head on her shoulders. I was right!)

What was most galling about the fact that this man talked at our Catholic high school is that he preached about man-made climate change in the context of Catholic social teaching. Ugh! And this is, sadly, in accord with the what many leaders of the Church teach about environmentalism and care for nature and blah blah blah.

How can educated men of the cloth really think that man can alter the entire face of the earth in the manner that it would take to affect the earth in the way that global-warming alarmists declare to be so. God is omnipotent. Can anyone really believe that little old man (one n, not two) could really put the earth in jeopardy in less than 200 years of life in the modern era of industrial technology? The earth has withstood ice ages and meteors and shifting tectonic plates and flooding and earthquakes... but it cannot withstand a few smokestacks and contrails from airplanes?

It is arrogance to think that man, in the one hundred fifty years since the industrial revolution began, is on the verge of destroying God's handiwork. Man is but a small grain of sand in the mind of God. Yes, we are made in His image. But the story in the Bible of man's attempt to build a tower to heaven, the tower of Babel, is applicable today. If we were a threat to God's creation, He would have only to cast us to the ground and make us speak different languages such that no one could understand or communicate with each other...

... On second thought, maybe that is what is happening now. God has made us unable to understand each each other. At least in the United States of America. Welcome to Babel.

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