Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Veritas Exposes More Corruption -- in NY

James O'Keefe strikes again. You remember him. He, with the help of the late great Andrew Breitbart, brought down ACORN and slammed Planned Parenthood by revealing the truth about their operations. O'Keefe and his organization, Project Veritas, also have proven that voter fraud exists, particularly in state that do not require voters to show an ID. Yesterday O'Keefe posted the following video on You Tube. I think it speaks for itself, but you can read about it on Politicker.

The entire raw footage is also available on You Tube, lest someone think that the editing was for purposes other than telling the story more efficiently.

 I wish I had O'Keefe's guts and tenacity. He is fearless! I just hope he does not "accidentally" die as a result of the corruption he has exposed in recent years. Godspeed, Mr. O'Keefe!

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