Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love a Good Parody

If you're like me and like to laugh, then this guy should bring a smile to your face. My sister's fiance sent me one of his videos, and then I got hooked watching him. I am now trying to figure out an event to which I can invite him to come and perform! His name is Tim Hawkins, and he has a website where you can read more about him and his products.

Ready for a chuckle? Here is Tim's version of the song "The Candy Man."

(Did you hear him say "Kentucky"?) If you didn't like that one because of the political message, don't blame me. Remember, at the outset I said "If you're like me," so if you read this blog regularly, you should have known the video would have a conservative "flavor." Still, you gotta admit, he's talented. And if you DID like that one, here is another version where he has really short hair and video illustrations.

Tim has some non-political songs too. Here is one that crosses all political spectra.

I didn't say it wasn't sexist. Just not political. But funny still.Visit Tim's website, or see more of his videos on You Tube. Just put his name in and you'll get all you can handle. Check out his schedule of events while you are on his website -- he performs all over the U.S.

So that's my laugh blog for the day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here's one more parody for good measure. Be sure to listen til the end - the best part is around the 2:54 mark!

[Update: I hate to end a fun blog post with this downer, but it ties in so well with the last video I posted above. Read this story about the Twitter ravings of an actress whose self-importance is abundant but whose opinion is worthless. This is an example (among many) of what Tim was talking about in is parody. Add Ellen Barkin to my list of not-gonna-go-see actresses -- like I ever planned to!]

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