Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nancy Gives Dems an Out!

I gotta hand it to ole Nancy Pelosi. She has come to the rescue of her fellow men and fellow (?)women.

It's not new news that numerous Democrats have stated publicly that they will not attend the Democrat National Convention in North Carolina in September. Normally everybody who is somebody in the Democrat world wants to be seen at their party's convention. It's the Oscars of the political year, and it only comes every four years, kinda like the Olympics (Go USA!). It's where Barack made his debut on the national scene in 2004.

But when it was announced on June 18, 2012, that West Virginia governor Earl Ray Tomblin ( a good southern name -- Earl Ray) would not attend the Convention, eyebrows were raised in both parties.

Then came fellow West Virginians Senator Manchin and Rep. Rahill, who also realized they had better things to do, despite the fact that each is a superdelegate at the convention. Can you say

Undoubtedly relieved to have a cover and to not have to be the first one to bolt, Pennsylvania Dem. Rep. Mark Critz quickly followed suit. Then, quite coincidentally and one a state over, New York Democratic Reps. Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul decided they had better things to do with their time than be seen supporting Obama in the first week of September. But the best was yet to come -- along came Claire. McCaskill, that is. Her excuse was, "I've got a really hard election."

So, what do you do when an artery is spurting blood? You put on a tourniquet. Paging Doctor Pelosi. . . Doctor Pelosi. . .  And here she comes, to the rescue, scalpel in hand. And like any good surgeon she nips it in the bud. Right in the B...U...D. "Democrats should not attend the Democrat Convention,"" Nancy commands. "Do not go to North Carolina. You are not needed. You are not necessary. You are not welcome. We want you at home, to take care of socialist business there. It is too dangerous for you in this godforsaken state. Stay away. Stay far, far away."

Shrek immediately filed for copyright infringement.

Added Note: I wonder if this guy is going to the Democrat National Convention. If so, they'd better make sure there are a lot of bathrooms!

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