Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Haven't We Heard That Before?

I have previously mentioned Elizabeth Warren, the Cherokee politician running against Scott Brown for his Senate seat in Massachusetts. You might remember the speech of Warren's that was secretly filmed at some kind of private gathering in someone's home and then posted on You Tube -- it went viral and caused embarrassment for liberals as they tried to defend the socialist hogwash that Warren was spouting. Here's a portion of that infamous speech -- you have to hear it because there is vitriol in her voice as she verbalize her hatred for successful business men and women.

The irony that is lost on most uninformed voters when they hear this is that Elizabeth Warren and her husband are millionaires themselves, part of the "1%" that Occupy-Whatever-You-Can has made the whipping boy of the left. (I can only hope Ms. Warren takes a whipping in November from our boy, Scott Brown.) Ms. Warren's encouragement of class warfare was at its finest.

But last week Ms. Warren was surpassed as the most prominent liberal to let down her guard and show her true liberal color, the one hiding behind a red, white and blue facade. It's pure red.

Last week Barack Obama, without the use of a teleprompter, let his own true colors show when he repeated the same class-warfare socialist babble that Ms. Warren espouses and uses to brain-wash the uninformed.

When I heard Obama's speech on the news that day, I thought "Haven't I heard this before?" I was immediately struck by the similarity in the fundamental message in these two speeches, even though they were delivered almost a year apart. Both of these politicians believe that no one can be successful without the government helping you and propping you up. Their belief that there is an "underlying social contract" that mandates the payment of a "big hunk of" your profit when you are a success in business is as Marxist as it gets. Their assertions that a successful businessman only got that way because of what OTHER people paid in taxes is so ludicrous that I cannot believe they espouse that theory. Fifty percent of Americans pay no federal tax, so how do they defend such an assertion. Property taxes paid by the business owners themselves pay for the infrastructure, so their argument fails on that front also -- epic fail!


When you consider that neither of these two people has ever held a private sector job nor created a job that was not funded by tax-payer dollars, it makes sense that they think that no one can succeed without the government's help. After all, the government is lining their pockets.

This morning I see where Scott Brown's campaign has also recognized the similarities and has taken the videos of Warren and Obama spewing their anti-capitalist rhetoric and put them "side by side." The campaign ad for Brown shows how these two socialists share the same hope-less mentality and anti-American goals -- to bring our economy to its knees, to spread the wealth, and to keep their own pockets lined with our hard-earned tax dollars. Neither one of them has ever held anything but a public-sector job, particularly in the liberal higher education arena, so that explains their obvious dependence on taxpayer dollars for their respective livelihoods.

Here is Scott Brown's very effective, very real, very scary commercial. I hope it wakes up the people of Massachusetts who will be voting in November.

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