Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday Snippets 12/16/12

Thanks to Sunday Snippets host "This That and the Other Thing" for providing this chance for Catholic bloggers to share their thoughts with each other. Below are the posts to my blog for the week of 12/8/12. Happy Advent to All!

Advent: Waiting for Birth...and Death
Baby Dominic Pio Continues to Make Progress
Baby Dominic, Mother Mary, and Aunt Becky
Mor-an More It Appears Virginians Have Been Had
A Take of Two Domi(e)nics
What Happens When You Are Too Good At What You Do?
Swedish Family Destroyed by Government for Homeschooling
Union Thugs Assault Reporter in Michigan
Adoption Is the Cure for Abortion
North Carolinians Must Respect Choice If They Want to Choose Life

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