Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Please Pray for Baby Dominic Pio

I just read a new blog set up by the parents of a special little boy. His name is Dominic Pio, and he was born with facial deformities that defy explanation. It is almost as if two faces were joined into one, with a "bubble" in the middle of his face. The condition is called frontonasal dysplasia with encephalocele.

Dominic with siblings
Dominic, who was named after St. (Padre) Pio, is undergoing corrective surgery this week in Boston -- today, in fact.The latest report is that the "bubble" has been successfully removed. Little Dominic still has a long way to go though. So please join your prayers with all those who are praying for this special little boy and his family.

His family asks for prayers, so I am passing on this information. I am praying for strength and precision on behalf of the doctors who work to create a new face for this little boy. He has a loving family, and he deserves to be as "normal" as possible.

UPDATE 12/5/12: Post-surgery, Dominic Pio survived and is in recovery. Check back to his website where his mom is posting updates on his progress along with pictures like the one below.




  1. Just came upon this now, thank you so much for mentioning our son and family, thank you for praying for us!!!

  2. You are so welcome, Mary. I have been checking back often, and was glad to see that you were able to post an update this week. God bless you and all your family, and especially that beautiful Baby Dominic Pio! I know the Schoenstatt Sisters, and they are a wonderful group to have praying for you! Peace to you, and my prayers will continue.