Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Tale of Two Domi(e)nics

Dominic and his dad
Over the last week I have been updating readers on the progress of Baby Dominic as he recovers from life-altering surgery. His family feared losing him in the aftermath of his facial reconstruction. He is still not out of the water yet, but there is great hope and he is making progress every day. His family cannot wait to be reunited when Dominic is able to go home. There will be great rejoicing when that milestone is reached. I pray that it will be soon. Families need to be together to love and support one another.

Sadly, though, there is another Domenic who needs our prayers. This is Domenic with an "E", and he is across the ocean in Sweden. Domenic also desperately wants and needs to be with his family -- his mother and father. However, the government has decided that is not going to happen. A Swedish appellate court this week reversed an earlier court decision by a lower court that would have sent Domenic home. Instead, the appellate court has said that the parental rights of Domenic's parents, Christer and Annie, should be terminated. Domenic was taken away from his parents 3 1/2 years ago, and now his hope for being returned to them is dimming.

Domenic and his mom
What did Domenic's parents do that is so horrible that the Swedish government has taken their only child away from them? They homeschooled him. I know, it almost makes you laugh because it is so preposterous. But that is the truth. I have written more on my other blog, so I will refer you there for more details.

Please add Domenic to your prayer list. He and Dominic both need our prayers so that they can each be re-united with their families who love them beyond measure.


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  1. Hi S&S, I've been praying for Baby Dominic all week but I didn't know about Domenic from Sweden. That is the most outrageous judicial decision ever! What I would be curious to know, is how many children in Sweden are homeschooled? How will this court decision affect these other homeschooling families? I came over from RAnn's Sunday Snippets.