Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby Dominic Pio, Mother Mary, and Aunt Becky

Baby Dominic continues to make progress. Keep checking his website to see his progress. His mom, Mary, writes when she can, but she has 7 other children that need her love and care also.

Mary's sister Becky occasionally writes in her stead on, and she also writes a blog of her own called Roses for Mary. At first I thought it was a blog about her sister Mary, but then I saw that it is about her business. Becky makes rosaries with roses in them -- roses for Mary. If you are looking for a nice Christmas gift, this is a terrific website to visit.

Handmade rosary "wooden" clay bead rosary, St.Benedict--reserve for Anna
I borrowed this image from Roses for Mary to
show an example of the rosaries Becky makes.
And Becky has another blog called "A Blog for Grandma" where she writes about her life with her husband kids mostly. I was captivated reading her most recent entries. In particular, she writes about meeting her nephew, Dominic Pio, for the first time just last month around Thanksgiving. She describes the concern she felt over her own five children seeing Dominic for the first time in light of his facial deformities. Here is what Becky writes about the events:
And so I had plenty of reason to be nervous about the kids seeing Dominic for the first time. I had prepared them as best I could with showing them pictures of Dominic, watching videos, showing them how he is a not just a typical baby, but very special in the eyes of God. I told them how when God gives a child a handicap, He also gives them a few extra gifts as well--gifts that most typical people don't have. I then told them, "So get all your questions out now--I don't want you guys asking Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary all sorts of things about Dominic's "bubble" because it might hurt their feelings." They didn't have any questions at the time. But they had a lot of sympathy for Dominic to which Lucy loudly lamented when she first met him, "Poor Dominic! How will he ever be able to pick his nose?!"
Isn't that precious? Out of the mouths of babes. I will return to Becky's blogs to see how business is going and how her life is progressing!

God bless you, Becky. And God bless Mary and Baby Dominic Pio!



  1. My sister Mary, (mother of Dominic), just happened to come upon your blog. We are both so touched that you wrote about me (Becky) and Dominic and Mary. And thank you for featuring my rosary shop and other blog!

    I love your blog, and put it on my blog roll. :-)

  2. You are welcome, Becky. Wow - you are a celebrity in my circles! I have all my family praying for you, Mary, Dominic, and all your extended family. I hope your business grows and blossoms! Blessings to you!