Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Dominic Pio Progressing

Pre-surgery Wednesday
In my busy-ness I have been a bit neglectful this week of keeping up with the progress of Baby Dominic. His mom reports that he continues to progress in Boston. He had another surgery this morning, and his diabetes persists. But his wounds are healing up. He had an infection in a place on his face, and there is concern that cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) may be leaking. They may have to put in a stint. But Dominic Pio is having some periods without excruciating pain -- enough to cuddle with Mom and be able to watch Sesame Street. Please keep praying!

[UPDATE Thursday 12/19/12]
Dominic's mom, Mary, posted a photo of him after the surgery where they had to open a whole between his eyes to drain fluid. He is recovering, and he seems to be in less pain. His siblings are visiting him, and Mary says he is really responding to them. That's great news!

Post-surgery Wednesday

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