Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mental Illness and the Destruction Caused by Anorexia

In the last week we have been made aware of how mental illness can take over a person's life -- in the emerging profile of Adam Lanza, who shot and killed 27 people and then himself last Friday in Connecticut. That unspeakable tragedy will never be forgotten, and the wounds will never fully heal.

Sadly, the following video depicts another person with a mental illness - an illness that is destroying the life of the woman who suffers from it and the lives of her loved ones.

I can personally attest to the the hold that anorexia can have over a person's psyche. Thanks be to God, I was able to (mostly) break free from the psychological hold that the need (desire) for perfection and acceptance can have on you.

We Christians, as a faith-based People of God, have to be aware of the emotions and actions and words and cries for help of those around us. We are a People of God, and if we have no trust in each other nor a belief in Him, we are destined for bitter self-destruction.



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