Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I just wanted to tie up a few loose ends from some of my previous blog entries.

(1) Our yard is coming along. Here are a couple of photos of the progression.

The front yard

The mini patio

These pics are actually a couple weeks old -- taken May 5.

(2) I told you about the piscicide that occurred on Saturday at our house. (May the eleven deceased rest in peace in their grave in the backyard.) On Sunday we bought 8 replacement fish.

The release
All are goldfish in name, but 2 are solid black and look like miniature hammerhead sharks.

Photo from internet

The 8 new kids in the pond survived through Monday. Unfortunately, one met its demise on the blower today. We found him tonight when I got home. Apparently the suction was too strong, and we found it plastered to the side of the blower. Fantails cannot swim as well as non-fantails. The little guy could not free himself. I turned off the blower for tonight until I can get the lily pads back into the pond to give the little ones a place to run for cover. Hopefully we'll get to that tomorrow evening after work. Stay tuned!

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