Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Harrison, Jehmu, and Scott

I saw this first video this morning (as I was out of town last week), and it speaks for itself. Ed (oops!) Harrison Schultz is an Occupy Wall Street organizer, and boy does he illustrate some of what is wrong with the Alinsky-inspired movement.

Good Lord above! Save us from delusional people like Harrison Schultz and his kind, PLEASE!

The next day, on the same channel, there was this racist remark by another liberal pundit, Jehmu Greene, who was trying to defend Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for the Massachusetts Senate seat currently held by Scott Brown. Warren has, for years, advertised herself as a native American when the facts do not fully support her claim. 

Three sad things to note about this second video. First, Megyn Kelly had to apologize for her guest's inexcusable comment, while Ms. Greene gets off without anyone in the media (other than Fox News) calling her on her racist comment. Second, the written comments that follow the video are as disturbing as the content of the nasty remark Ms. Greene made. Vile discourse begets vile discourse--which is what this administration perpetuates. And third, Tucker Carlson is such a sweetheart, and he did not deserve to be maligned when he was being so calm and gentlemanly. Of course, we all know that when you cannot win your argument on facts, you resort to name-calling and ridicule. Alinsky rears his ugly head again.

Final video -- can Elizabeth Warren do this????


  1. The question really should be 'would Elizabeth Warren do this?'. In this instance, Scott Brown directed a woman working on government time (his US Senate communications director) film him shooting baskets intended for a campaign commercial. Elizabeth Warren is a champion on consumer rights and government responsibility. It seems that, unlike Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren would not supplement her privately financed campaign staff with those working on government time.

  2. Ahhh, but Ms. Warren will claim to be a Native American in order to get favorable treatment -- all because her grandfather had high cheekbones!!!